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 Visit Our New Website!! !!! Us Crew Book is the best place to connect with crew from all aviation companies around the world. With basis around the facebook model, it can connect you in ways you never dreamed of! It will include facebook integration in the near furture! My crew life is the best website to connect you with all the features of facebook, but on a private level!

Us Crew Book UsCrewBook Website

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Thank You for visiting my web page! I'm always updating it and adding new things, check back periodically for new items posted. Check out my myspace page too, if you have myspace, send me a message... i'm on there all the time adding new stuff... and if you're cool i'll add you! hehe   Go to my new photo album by clicking here! Also, new is comments!! you can now leave comments on my photos.Have fun browsing my evergrowing page!  

I have recently added a new photo album using software, its amazingly easy! You should download it and try it, its completely free! Click on one of the pictures or on the link above, and it will take you to the new album! Enjoy! Also, I have an open blog all about life in arizona, feel free to add whatever you like to this new blog.

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