Oligny - Tremblay


The spelling of the name Oligny has morphed over time into Olena for some branches of the family.7

Jean OLIGNY - Jeanette BALLE

Jean was born in Tulle, France. He married Jeanette, also a native of Tulle, in St. Mathurin de Tulle, France; the date of this event is unknown.
They had one known child, Jean Baptiste.7

Jean Baptiste OLIGNY - Marie Françoise MOITIE

Jean Baptiste was born in St. Mathurin de Leobazel, Correze, Limousin, France about 1723. It is not known when Jean Baptiste immigrated to Canada.7
Marie Françoise was born 9 November 1742 in Fort St. Frédéric, Quebec, the daughter of François & Marie DUMESNIL.12
On 6 December 1755, Marie Françoise signed a marriage contract with Pierre Robineau of Becancour, a lieutenant at Fort. St. Frédéric, during the French and Indian War. The marriage never took place; it is possible that Lieutenant Robineau was killed during the war.12
Jean-Baptiste and Marie Françoise were married 8 February 1759 in the province of Quebec; the location was undetermined. The marriage contract was drawn up in Fort St. Frederick. Fort. St. Frédéric was a French fort built on Lake Champlain near what is now Crown Point, New York.3,4,6Their son was Louis.
The family eventually relocated to St. Luc, Iberville, Quebec. This is where both Jean Baptiste and Marie Françoise lived out the rest of their long lives. Jean Baptiste died on 10 January, 1810 at age 87. His wife lived 18 more years before passing on 10 October 1828 at the age of 85.7

Louis OLIGNY - Josephte TREMBLAY

Louis Oligny dit Lauvergnat was born 11 March 1780 in Chambly, Chambly, Quebec.7 Josephte was born about 1785 to Jean Marie & Marie Charlotte TREMBLAY.7
The couple were wed on 12 January 1807 in St. Luc, Iberville, Quebec, but soon moved to L'Acadie. Louis was a farmer.5,7
Louis and Josephte had the following children:

  • Josephte
  • Basile- Born and baptized 29 February 1812 in L'Acadie.5
  • Flavie- Born about 1816 in L'Acadie. She married Julien Comeau, also of L'Acadie, and had two children; Genevieve and Joseph. The 1851 Canadian census found this family at St. Margurite de Blairfindie, Chambly, Quebec.7,9
  • Emerance- Born about 1825 in L'Acadie. She married Olivier Quintin dit Dubois, who, by the time of the 1851 Canadian Census, had dropped the Quintin from his name and was known as Olivier Dubois; his parents were Jean Baptiste & Reine Blain.5,7,9 The same census find the couple living in St. Marguerite de Blairfindie, Chambly, Quebec; neighbors of Flavie and Julien. Emerance and Olivier Dubois had 3 boys at the time of the 1851 census; Gervaise, Joseph, and Olivier.7,9
  • Raphael-Nothing known about Raphael other than he married a woman named Olive Tremblay-no connection discovered as of yet.13
  • Louis- Born on 3 June 1810 in L'Acadie and was baptized the same day.5
There are no death details for Louis Oligny dit Lauvergnat or Josephte Tremblay.


The name Tremblay comes from the Latin word "Trembleia". This is a type of poplar tree whose leaves actually tremble when the wind blows through them.9

Philibert Loys Gallien TREMBLAY & Jeanne COIGNET dit Le Breuil

Philibert's date of birth and parents are not known; he came from the parish of Randonnai in Perche, France. He and Jeanne were married 3 October 1623 in the parish of St. Firmin in Normandel, canton of Tourouvre, Perche, France. Jeanne was the daughter of Jehan Coignet & Barbe--whose surname is unknown.9,10
In Normandel there is a piece of land called La Coineterie (formerly known as La Cogneterie); this is the ancient homeland of the Coignet or Cognet family.10
Philibert Tremblay was a plowman; their family farm was named "la Filonnière", in St. Malo de Randonnai.9 It was here that the 3 Tremblay children were born: Pierre; Guillaume on 16 November 1633; and Marguerite in 1641.9
A year later, on 17 November 1642, Philibert Termblay died at the farm. Five years later, Pierre struck out on his own, leaving 14 year old Guillaume in charge of the farm.9
At some point, Jeanne Coignet left the farm to live in St. Maurice parish. In 1649, she sold 4 perches of meadowland at "la Filonnière". In 1652, she satisfied a loan of son Pierre's in the amount of 40 livres.9
This meager amount of information is all that is known about the Tremblay/Coignet family.

Pierre TREMBLAY & Ozanne Jeanne "Anne" Achon

Pierre is our brave pioneer ancestor who brought the Tremblay name and bloodline across the sea to Canada. It is believed that all of the Tremblay families in American have Pierre as their common ancestor.
Pierre was born about 1627 in the parish of St. Malo in Randonnai, canton of Tourouvre, arrondissement of Mortagne, Perche, France; on land known as "La Filonnière" to Philbert & Jeanne Coignet.9,10
Pierre, along with Martin Hunan, enlisted to go to Canada on 9 April 1647 in Tourouvre at a salary of 75 livres per year for 3 years as a laborer in the warehouses of Noël Juchereau. Pierre handled the furs brought in by the traders and the Indians, as well as goods shipped from France to Canada.9,10
Pierre must have been so busy with his occupation that a wife seemed unnecessary. But the mother country of France was beginning to make rumblings about unmarried men and the necessity of populating the colony....... So he entered into a marriage contract with Jeanne or Anne Achon on 19 September 1657 (a document that neither one of them could sign), and married her on 2 October in Quebec City.9,10 Anne was a fille a marier from Chambon, Rochefort, LaRochelle, France; baptized there 13 July 1633, the daughter of Jean & Helene Regnaud. Nothing else is known about her parents. She is the sister of Jacques Achon .9,10
Pierre and Anne had 12 children:
Marie Madeleine
Anonymous- This baby boy was baptized 17 August 1659 at l'Ange-Gardien. He was never named, so the family may have known that he would not survive. He died and was buried on 25 August.9
Michel- Born 6 September 1662 at L'Ange-Gardien and baptized on the 10th at Québec City. Married Genevieve Bouchard on 20 June 1686 at Baie St. Paul, Québec. She had been born on 25 April 1672 at Beaupré and baptized on the 29th to Claude & Louise GAGNÉ .9
Jacques- Born 19 June 1664 at l'Ange-Gardien and baptized on the 23rd at Château-Richer. He married Agathe Lacroix 5 November 1696.9
Marguerite- Born 2 October 1665 at l'Ange-Gardien and baptized two days later at Château-Richer. Married Jean Savard on 14 April 1687.
Louise- Born at l'Ange-Gardien 20 October 1669 and baptized the next day at Château-Richer. She married Ignace Gagné 6 November 1689.9
Jacques- Born about 1672 and married Antoine Perron on 15 January 1691.9
Anne- Born 9 March 1673 and baptized on the 19th at l'Ange-Gardien. Married Jean Payment 10 February 1698.9
Jean- Born 20 April 1675 at l'Ange-Gardien and baptized the next day at Château-Richer. He drowned at Beaupré and was buried 1 August 1684. He was 8 years old.9
Marie Dorothee- Baptized 27 April 1677 at l'Ange-Gardien. Married François Pelletier 30 April 1703.

In the autumn of 1665, Martin Huan paid a visit to his old friend Pierre Tremblay. He was still a bachelor. He must have felt extremely comfortable with the family, because he asked to make his permanent home with them. In exchange for this largess, he would donate his considerable wealth to the Tremblay family. The act of donation was officially registered with Notary Auber on 16 October 1669.9
Pierre Tremblay died sometime between 14 April 1687 and 6 November 1689 at L'Ange-Gardien, Quebec.10 Any record of his death has either been lost over time or was never created. Father Jean-Paul Tremblay, family biographer, notes that a virulent epidemic struck the area in the autumn of 1688. This epidemic landed Pierre's wife Anne in the Hôtel Dieu on 20 June 1689. It is a strong possibility that the epidemic claimed our beloved ancestor; as the fall of 1689 shows Anne referring to herself as the "widow of Pierre".9
Anne Achon was buried in Quebec City 24 December 1707.9,10

Marie Simard, Marie ROUSSIN

Pierre was born 10 August 1660 in l'Ange-Gardien, Quebec and baptized 2 days later in Quebec City. His parents were Pierre & Anne Achon.9
Pierre married Marie Madeleine Simard, an event which took place 2 November 1683 at Ste. Anne, Québec. She gave him one child before she died in childbirth in August 1684.2,9
On 15 November 1685, Pierre married Marie ROUSSIN. Marie's parents were Nicolas ROUSSIN & Madeleine PARADIS. Marie had been born to them on 25 November 1669 at Château-Richer, Québec. Her mother died 4 days after giving birth to her. Nicolas Roussin married Pierre Tremblay's oldest sister, Marie-Madeleine, two years. later. Pierre Tremblay and Marie Roussin probably grew up together.2,9
Of Pierre and Marie's 15 children, two contribute to our lineage; one directly, one indirectly:
Nicolas- Nicolas Tremblay married Louise Simard. The couple's one known child is:

Pierre became the Seigneur of les Eboulments, which was one of the biggest properties in the country at the time. Son Etienne built the manor house--a structure that stands to this day. This seigneurie stayed in the hands of the Tremblays until 1810.2,5
Marie Roussin donated the land for the first church of the Petite-Rivière--today, a cross marks the site.9
The dates and places of this couples' death are not known.


Louis was baptized on 30 September 1667 in Château-Richier, Montmorency, Quebec. He is the son of Pierre & Anne Achon.2,5,10
Louis married Marie on 27 November 1691; the place of this event is not known.2 Marie was the daughter of Daniel François & Louise Gargottin and was born in Château-Richier about 1667.11 Their son was Louis.
Marie Perron died sometime before 26 August 1716, which is when Louis married Marie Letartre.2 Louis Tremblay's death details are unknown.

Louis TREMBLAY & Madeliene BONNEAU

Louis was the son of Pierre & Marie Roussin; he was baptized 23 February 1695 at Baie-St.-Paul, Quebec.2 On 25 June 1715, he married Madeleine at Baie-St-Paul.2 Their only known child--and our ancestor--is Jean. Nothing else is known about this couple.

Louis TREMBLAY & Bridgitte FORTIN

Louis was a native of Quebec; born there 14 August 1703 to Louis & Marie Perron.3 He married his wife Bridgitte in Baie St. Paul on 11 November 1726.5
Bridgitte was a native of Baie St. Paul, having been born there 1 February 1707 to Jacques & Catherine Biville.3 Louis and Bridgitte's son Jean Marie continues this branch of family onward. Nothing else is known about Louis and Bridgitte.

Jean TREMBLAY & Marie Charlotte BISSONNET

Jean was born about 1720 in Quebec, to Louis & Madeleine Bonneau. He was able to obtain some education, as he was able to sign the marriage record when he wed Marie Charlotte in Baie St. Paul on 20 November 1741; a document that she could not sign.5 Marie Charlotte was born 12 December 1723 in Quebec, to Jean & Marie Delavoye.3
The couple had four known children:
Jean Baptiste Ulric- Born and baptized in Baie-St.-Paul, Québec on 25 and 26 October 1742, respectively. His third name is a best guess; the name was illegible in the baptism record.MARIE CHARLOTTE
Joseph Fulbert Tremblay- Joseph Fulbert was born 8 February 1753 in Baie-St.-Paul and baptized the same day. He married his second cousin Thecle Felicite Rosalie Tremblay on 6 October 1774; the place of this event is not known. She was the daughter of Charles Tremblay & Felicite Duchesne, born to them 9 November 1755 in Baie-St.-Paul and baptized the same day.2,5
Joseph and Thecle had the following known child:

  • Denis Leon- Denis was born 4 April 1784 in Baie-St.-Paul and baptized the next day at St.Pierre et Paul in the same town. He married Marguerite Allard on 25 July 1804 in Baie-St.-Paul. Nothing is known about Marguerite. Denis and Marguerite's known child is Dosithee Tremblay2,5
Thecle Felicite Rosalie Tremblay died before 25 July 1804, as she is listed as 'defunct' in Denis' marriage record. Joseph Fulbert Tremblay died sometime after that date.
Felicite- Born about 25 May 1759 at Baie-St.-Paul; the DOB is hard to read on the baptismal record. Her baptism took place 3 June 1759 in the same place. Nothing else known about her.5

No death details for Jean Tremblay and Marie Charlotte Bissonnet are known.

Jean Marie TREMBLAY & Marie Charlotte TREMBLAY

Jean Marie was a native of Quebec, born there about 1746, the son of Louis & Bridgitte Fortin.3,5 Marie Charlotte was also a native of Quebec and was also born about 1746. Her parents were Jean & Marie Charlotte Bissonnet.3,5
The couple were 2nd cousins, once removed. Jean Marie and Marie Charlotte's great-grandparents were Pierre & Jeanne Achon; with Jean Marie descending from Pierre & Jeanne's son Louis and Marie Charlotte descending from their son Pierre .
Apparently, the church found no problem with this degree of consanguinity, so the couple were wed on 3 February 1766 in Baie St. Paul, Quebec, Canada. Neither one of them could sign their marriage contract.5 Their daughter Josephte is the one who continues this lineage. Nothing else is known about the couple.

The In-Laws

Most of these folks are my direct line ancestors as well being in-laws. They are listed in alphabetical order by husband surname. Note that any links for in-laws that appear in the above sections won't be repeated here.


Jean was the son of Jean & Marie Charlotte DAVENNÈ.5 His date and place of birth are unknown. Marie Delavoye's parents were René & Marguerite BOUCHARD; her date and place of birth are as mysterious as her husband's.5 The couple married on 19 July 1720 at Baie St. Paul, Québec.2,5 Their contribution to this line is their daughter Marie Charlotte. No death details are available.

Jean BISSONNET & Marie Charlotte DAVENNÉ

Jean was baptized 24 July 1669 at Quebec, the son of Pierre & Marie Dallon.2,11 His given name is listed as François in son Jean's marriage record.
Jean married Marie Charlotte about 1692.2 She was the daughter of Charles & Marie DENOYON, born in Lorette, Quebec at L'Ancienne and baptized 14 April 1676.2,11 Nothing else is known about this couple except the name of our descendant-Jean.


Pierre BISSONNET was born in 1626 in the parish of St. Pierre in La Roche-sur-Yon, diocese of Luçon, Poitou, France. His parents were Jacques Bissonnet and Guillemette Debien; their names are all that is known about them.
Marie Dallon was the daughter of Michel Dallon & Marguerite Vèronne, about whom nothing else is known other than the fact that Michel Dallon died in 1668, the same year Marie left France for Canada as a fille du roi
Pierre is first noted in Canada in 1658 when he made a contract to lease a windmill in Ville-Marie (later known as Montreal). He was a miller by trade; however he lacked the ability to sign his name.
Pierre married fille à marier Mathurine Desbordes in 1660. The couple lived in harmony and even started a family in 1661.
One day in 1663, Pierre found himself in the company of an acquaintance from France, who had just arrived in Canada. Eager to catch up with his old friend, he was surprised at the news that Pierre had a wife in Canada. Why? Well, it seemed that Pierre had left a wife behind in France!
This news spread like wildfire through the small colony. Pierre denied the allegation at first. But after repeated questioning by his neighbors (and fortified by several glasses of eau-de-vie), Pierre finally admitted that he did have a wife in France. He swore that he was unable to make the marriage work because she was "a witch". I don't know if that meant she was a sorceress or just difficult to live with.
All of this meant two things to Mathurine Desbordes: Her marriage to Pierre was invalid and her child was illegitimate. This was too bitter a pill for her to swallow, and she appeared, with witnesses, before Father Gabriel Souart, the Bishop's delegate for Montreal, asking that the marriage be annulled. After hearing testimony, her request was granted; the date was 1 August 1663.
Disgraced, Pierre fled to Quebec City; but on 3 September 1664, the Conseil Souverain had an arrest warrant issued for Pierre. He spent a few years in prison for his bigamous act.
Pierre Bissonnet married Marie Dallon on 9 October 1668 in Quebec; the marriage contract was written up on 24 September, but neither one could sign it. She brought a dowry of goods worth 200 livres to the union.
The couple had 7 children before Pierre died 7 August 1687 at La Durantaye, Quebec. He was buried the same day, which may indicate that he was a victim of that year's smallpox epidemic; most burials had a standard 24-hour waiting period except in the case of contagious disease. Of those 7 children, Jean is the one whose name appears on this page.
Marie Dallon went on to marry Jacques Anet and then Pierre-Guillaume Hublé. Marie was buried 7 July 1716 at La Durantaye.11


René DELAVOYE was born in France to René Delavoye & Isabeau Belanger. He married Anne Gaudin or Godin on 19 April 1656 in Quebec.2
Anne was from France, the daughter of Elie & Esther Ramage.2 Anne immigrated to Canada with her family.
Anne Gaudin died young; she was buried 27 February 1678 in Ste. Anne, 20 days after giving birth to their ninth child.2 René Delavoye would live for another 18 years and finish rearing their children; one of which was our ancestor René. He never remarried. He was buried 11 March 1696 in Château-Richier.2


René DELAVOYE was born about 1657 to René & Anne Gaudin dit Godin. He married Marguerite on 4 November 1683 in Ste. Anne, Quebec.2 Marguerite was the daughter of Claude Bouchard & Louise Gagné, and was baptized in Château-Richier 21 October 1665.2,9
In 1700, mother-in-law Louise Gagne gave the couple an arpent of grazing land.9
René Delavoye died before his daughter and our ancestress Marie married Jean Bissonnet on 19 July 1720, as René was noted as "defunct" in the marriage record.5 There is nothing else known about René & Marguerite.


Pierre was baptized 23 July 1696 at Québec, the son of Pierre & Catherine GODIN. Marguerite was born about 1688 to François DUCHESNY & Marguerite FRANCOUL, who were married in 1686. François was from Paris, France and was an "ensign of the troops". He was buried at Trois-Rivières on 15 March 1691.2 The origin of the "Bretel" at the end of Marguerite's name is unknown.
Pierre and Marguerite were married 14 May 1716 at Québec. Their daughter was Marie.2 Nothing else is known about this couple.

Pierre DUMESNIL & Catherine GODIN

Pierre's dit name is La Musique, but his occupation is written as carpenter, so the reason for the dit name is not known. He was born about 1670 in Bayeux, France; his parents are unknown.2 Catherine was the daughter of Charles GODIN & Marie BOUCHER; her baptism took place 24 April 1672 in L'Ange-Gardien, Québec.2
This couple married in the bride's hometown on 22 February 1694. Their child was Pierre.2
Pierre Dumesnil died about 1736; Catherine Godin died about 1736.2


Elie GAUDIN was born in France; Tanguay fixes the year at 1621. He and wife Esther RAMAGE were married in France. Their parents are not known. It is not known when they immigrated to Canada.
Elie and Esther's daughter is Anne.
In March 1658, at a place then called Petit-Cap, construction of a church dedicated to Ste. Anne began. It was a wooden church named "Chapelle Des Matelots" of "Chapel of the Sailors"--named for the old Brettony and Normandy sailors who had been saved from drowning by what was believed to be miracles from Ste. Anne.
But Ste. Anne did not save her miracles for only the sailors. While depositing 3 small stones on the foundation of the church, Louis Guimont was suddenly and miraculously relieved of the terrible back pain which had plauged him! This incident was witnessed by Elie Gaudin, who was reportedly one of those helping to build the church. The was the first miracle of the chapel.
Some years later, Elie's wife, Esther, was suffering with crippling back pain that left her with limited mobility. She, too, was miraculously healed at the chapel!
The name of the area eventually changed from Petit-Cap to Ste-Anne-de-Beaupré. Today, near where the old "Chapelle Des Matelots" once stood, is the beautiful Basilica dedicated to Ste. Anne. A commemorative plaque now marks the spot of the original chapel.
It is not known when Esther Ramage died. Elie Gaudin was buried 5 January 1672 in Beaupré.

Charles GODIN & Marie BOUCHER

Charles, whose surname has been found spelled Godin or Gaudin, was born about 1631 to Jacques & Marguerite NIARD of St.Laurent de Beaumés,France, about whom nothing else is known. Marie is the daughter of Marin & Perrine MALET; she was baptized in Québec 15 April 1644.2
Charles and Marie married 6 November 1656 at Québec and had the following children, two of whom are direct line ancestresses:

  • Marie
  • Pierre- Baptized 9 July 1675 at L'Ange-Gardien. Pierre married Anne Mathieu on 212 April 1704. She had been born about 1687 to Jean & Anne Letartre. At some point in time, Anne died. The date of her death, nor the date of Pierre's subsequent marriage to Catherine Pellerin is known. Catherine was born about 1673 to unknown parents. Pierre was buried 29 July 1733 at St.-François-du-Sud, Québec; Catherine was buried in the same place 9 May 1758.2
Dates of death for Charles Godin and Marie Boucher are unknown.

François MOITIE - Marie DUMESNIL

I originally found this surname written as "Moquier". This conflicted with information from Steve Rock's website, who listed her as Moitie. Even though he and I agreed on dates and places, the name conflict bugged me. I did some checking with the PRDH and discovered that the name "Moquier" and "Motie" (the actual spelling on the marriage record) has been standardized to "Moitie".

François was born about 1717 in Bruin sur Salle, Augen, France to François & Anne PLACÉ.3,12 Marie was born 8 July 1723 at Québec and was baptized there the next day; her parents were Pierre & Marguerite DUCHESNY BRETEL.5
François and Marie were married 14 November 1741 at Fort St. Frédéric.12 Their daughter was Marie Françoise.
Death details for this couple are unavailable.

Daniel François PERRON dit Suire & Louise GARGOTTIN

Daniel François PERRON dit Suire was born in LaRochelle, Aunis, France on 25 November 1638. He was the illegitimate son of merchant armorer François Perron & Jeanne Suire.

It is not known when Daniel came to New France. In 1659, his father François was recruiting men to immigrate to Canada, but it is not known if his son was one of them.
On 6 December 1663, Daniel renounced Calvinism at the church of Notre-Dame de Quebec. I assume this to mean that he was confirmed into the Catholic religion, as that was a requirement for settling in the colony at that time period.
Louise GARGOTTIN was a fille du roi from La Jarne, La Rochelle, Aunis, France. She was born there about 1637 to Jacques Gargottin & Françoise Bernard, both of whom had died by 1663 when Louise immigrated to Canada; this is all that is known about them.
Daniel and Louise were married on 26 February 1664 at Château-Richer. Louise was unable to sign the marriage contract that notary Duquet created on 23 February, and the source does not mention if Daniel was able to do so. The couple had 6 children; 3 born in Château-Richer and 3 born in L'Ange-Gardien, where the family had relocated by 1670. Our ancestress Marie was born at Château-Richer.
Daniel François Perron dit Suire died at L'Ange-Gardien on 22 February 1678.
The widow Perron entered into a marriage contract on 28 December 1678 with Charles-Louis Alain and married him on 7 January 1679.
The estate of Daniel François Perron dit Suire was drawn up on 11 February 1679 by notary Vachon.
Louise Gargottin had one child with her second husband that did not survive to adulthood. Louise Gargottin died at L'Ange-Gardien sometime between 7 February and 20 May 1704.

François PERRON & Jeanne SUIRE

François PERRON was born on 10 November 1615 in LaRochelle, Aunis, France. His parents were Jean Perron & Marie PENEAU; nothing else known about them. François was a merchant armorer, raising recruits to go to New France.
Jeanne SUIRE was the oldest of three daughters of André SUIRE & Marie RAULT; that is all that is known about her family of origin.
Jeanne gave birth to François' illegitimate child, Daniel-François, in 1638.
On 9 April 1639, Jeanne acknowledged receipt of 36 of the 50 livres due her. At this time she was the wife of Nicolas Bernard; it is not clear if they were married at the time of Jeanne's affair with François. The money was paid by Luc Perron, brother of François. Apparently there had been a contract drawn up on 5 November 1638, in the County of Benon. This was penned by Notary Gastureau 20 days before the birth of Daniel. Perhaps François was in arrears?
Nothing else is known about François or Jeanne.

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