Letourneau - Maillet/Maguet


I have found this name spelled Lé Tourneau as well as the more common Letourneau. I don't know if the former is the original spelling or a possible misspelling!


This couple married sometime before 1615 in Muron, in the Charente-Maritime, Rochefort, Saintonge, France. They had two children--our ancestor DAVID and another son named Jean. Jean, to the best of our knowledge, never left France. Nothing else is known about David and Jeanne.4


David was born in 1616 in Muron, in the Charente-Maritime, Rochefort, Saintonge; his parents were David LETOURNEAU & Jeanne DUPEN.4
David had been widowed by Sebastienne Guéry, whom he married on 10 June 1640; they had a girl and two boys before Sebastienne died. Jean married Jeanne Baril in July of 1654 in St. Germain d'Aunis, La Rochelle, France. Their marriage contract had been penned on 6 July in Maracenne, France. Jeanne's parents were François & Catherine LIGNERON, about whom nothing else is known.4
David took his two sons from his first marriage and sailed for New France in May of 1658; leaving behind Jeanne and their 3 remaining children. As a master baker and pastry maker, he assisted the ship's cook in kitchen at mealtimes. Upon arriving in Canada, David and his sons went to work to earn a living and prepare to bring the rest of the family to Canada. However, when the rest of David's family disembarked from the flotilla of ships that landed in Québec in 1665, he took them to live at Beauport, where David had taken over the operation of Seigneur Giffard's flour mill.4
The colony lost its master miller when David Letourneau died on 17 May 1670. He was buried the same day at Château-Richer.4

The children of David Letourneau are as follows:

From his first wife, Sebastienne Guéry:
Marie- Born about 1641 in France. Marie never came to Canada.4
David- Born about 1643 in France. He married in Canada one Françoise Chapelain and had 15 children.4
Jean- Born about 1645 in France. He married Anne Françoise Dufresne and had 6 children.4
From his second wife, Jeanne BARIL:
Elisabeth- Born about 1655 in France. Married Mathurin Tessier on 23 September 1670 at Château-Richer, Québec and had seven children.2,4
Philippe- Born about 1657 in France. Nothing else known.4
Guillaume- Born 17 January 1670 at Château-Richer and was buried two days later.

David's widow would go on to marry two more times (to René Bin dit Lacroix in 1670 and Julien Bion in 1681) and outlive both of those husbands. She was still alive in February of 1694, when she signed Jacques' marriage contract at St-Anne-de-la-Pérade. That is the last record known of Jeanne Baril.4
On the Ile d'Orleans, at 3660 Avenue Royale, is erected a monument to the Letourneau ancestors. In 1979, at the time of the placing of the monument, this was the home of Yvon Letourneau.4

Jacques LETOURNEAU - Angelique GUYON

Jacques was born in either 1667 or 1668 in Château-Richer; his parents were David LETOURNEAU & Jeanne BARIL.2,4
Angelique was the daughter of Joseph GUYON & Geneviève CLOUTIER; born to them about 1677 in an unknown location.2,4
Jacques married Angelique at St-Anne-de-la-Pérade on 8 February 1694.2,4 Their known child was LOUIS. Death information for Jacques and Angelique is unknown at this time.


Louis was born 8 February 1701 in La Perade,Quebec, child of Jacques LETOURNEAU & Angelique GUYON.
Angelique was the daughter of Jean DESMARETS & Thérèse MENARD, born to them on 17 October 1713 at Boucherville, Quebec.2,4
Louis was widowed by Anne Hébert before marrying Angelique on 23 November 1739 at Longueuil, Quebec. Their known child was MARIE ANGELIQUE.2
Louis died on 18 Novebmer 1759 in St.-Charles-sur-Richileu, Quebec.1 Angelique died 15 April 1795.3


There are two separate MAILLET direct lines in our lineage. They are not known to be related. They will be dealt with one at a time.

Augustin MAGUET - Françoise GOUBILLEAU

This Maillet line originates with the name "Maguet", which means to nourish. They can also be found in records under the spelling "Maye".

There is very little information on Augustin Maguet. His parents are unknown, as is his date of birth. We know that he was a Paris bourgeois, which means "of the middle class". Being of the middle class was nowhere near as common in the 1600's as it is today, so it is a label of some significance. He married Françoise Goubilleau at St. Agnan, Chaumont-en-Bassigny, Champagne, France about 1660. And we know he died sometime before 1670.5,7
Françoise was born about 1631 in the place of her marriage to Augustin; her parents are not known. Her marriage to Augustin seems to have been her second one.7
In 1670, after her husband's death, Françoise sailed to Canada with her son Pierre Maguet as one of the filles du roi, complete with a dowry of goods worth 300 livres. Because Françoise was a witness at several marriages of fille du roi in Montréal and because she was given a payment of 200 livres by Father Pierre Cherrier, Baron de Fancamp, one of those who helped found Montréal, there is a school of thought that she may have been a matron and not a fille du roi. But since it is documented that the matron for that trip was Élisabeth Étienne, this is unlikely. A more likely scenario is that Fancamp owed a debt to Françoise's late husband and repaid that debt to her.7
Françoise went on to marry marshal and farmer Paul Dauzé and give him a son. She outlived her husband by 6 years, dying on the Île Jésus and buried on 10 November 1721 at Rivière-des-Prairies. She was reported to be 102 years of age.5,7

Pierre MAGUET - Catherine PERTHUIS

Pierre Maguet was born in 1663 and baptized in the St. Paul parish of Paris, France. His parents were Augustin & Françoise GOUBILLEAU. Pierre came to Canada with his widowed mother in 1670. A year later, Pierre gained a stepfather in the form of Paul Dauzé.5,7
Because his father was dead, Pierre was considered an orphan. For that reason, Pierre was granted 60 arpents of land, plus another 3 arpents "at the Coste St-Sulpice" near the Rivière des Prairies. The latter plot of land bordered that of his stepfather. Pierre became a landowner at the tender age of 10!5
He certainly had much to offer in the way of a husband. Catherine Perthuis was a Montréal native, having been baptized there 28 January 1670; her godmother was none other than Catherine MARCHAND. Pierre and Catherine were married 7 January 1686 at Pointe-aux-Trembles.5,7
Catherine's parents, Pierre PERTHUIS & Claud DAMISE, presented the couple with 500 livres of "good merchandise" the week before at the signing of their marriage contract. Pierre Maguet's mother and stepfather used the occasion of the marriage contract to also have a document drawn up to secure a young man from France to serve as an indentured servant for Pierre for 3 years. The couple were given a good start on married life.5
Pierre and Catherine had the following children, but there is no birth information for them, as records for Rivière des Prairies from 1698-1701 have been lost:
Pierre- Died as an infant.5
Marie- Married Jean Larrivé5
Augustin- Married Marie Suzanne Héry on 21 November 1718 at Montréal and had 2 children; married Marie Madeleine Lacombe on 4 January 1733 at Point-aux-Trembles and had 4 children.5
Alexandre- Married a Beauchamp female.5
Michel- Married a Courtemanche female.5
JEAN BAPTISTE- This child's offspring would change the surname to Maillet.5
Marie Joseph- Died at age 20.5
Anne- Married Jacques Beauchamp.4
Pierre- This Pierre also died as an infant.5
Elisabeth- Also died as a baby.5
Joseph- Married Marie Joseph Roy-Desjardins on 11 February 1732 at Repentigny.5

Unfortunately, the couple's marital bliss was turned upside down by an attack of the Iroquois Indians about 1689. Their house and outbuildings were looted for anything of value and then burned. They were lucky to escape with their lives. In an attempt to rebuild, Pierre went into debt and had to drain a trust fund set up for him in Paris to satisfy his creditors. Pierre and Catherine worked hard, made sacrifices, and did what they had to do to rebuild their fortune.5
Pierre Maguet died on 6 June 1725 and was buried the next day at Rivière des Prairies. It is 5 years later, when wife Catherine has the property of her late husband inventoried that we see the fruits of their hard work: 6 arpents of frontal land which were divided among various family members; a house 36 x 20 feet; a shed encircled with cedar posts; a barn; a stable; and a bake house. There were 6 young pigs, 2 horses, 2 oxen, 5 cows, 2 steers, 1 heifer, 2 dozen hens and a rooster. There was 30 minots of wheat stored. The house and shed were full of furniture and tools, respectively. In that time period, this was true wealth. Catherine lived securely for 6 more years before being buried at Rivière des Prairies on 17 February 1736.5

Jean Baptiste MAGUET - Jeanne BARBE

Jean Baptiste was baptized at Point-aux-Trembles on 20 April 1700; the son of Pierre & Catherine PERTHUIS.2,5
Jeanne was the child of Joseph BARBE dit Abel & Marguerite DESJARDINS; she was born about 1701. Jeanne is referred to in various records as Genvieve Barbe, Marie Jeanne Abel, and Genevieve Hamel.1,2
On 25 October 1725, Jean Baptiste and Jeanne were married at Montreal.1,2,3 Our descendant from this union is Pierre.1
Details for the deaths of this couple are unknown. What is known is that their children changed the family name from Maguet to Maillet.5

Pierre MAILLET - Marie Angelique LETOURNEAU

Pierre's parents were Jean Baptiste MAGUET & Jeanne BARBE; his date and place of birth are unknown. Marie Angelique was the daughter of Louis & Angelique DESMARETS; her birth details are as mysterious as her husband's.1,3
Pierre had previously married Elisabeth Benoit, however, she died 10 April 1763, a week after giving birth to their son Jean Prudent. Little Jean died a week later. On 26 August 1765, Pierre married Marie Angelique Letourneau at St.-Charles-sur-Richileu, Québec. They had two known children:
Pierre Benoni- Pierre was baptized 20 March 1709 in Beloeil, Québec. The little guy died 13 August of the same year and was buried the next day in Beloeil.1

No death information is yet available for Pierre and Marie Angelique.

Pierre MALLET - Marie Anne HARDY

The spelling of this family's name started out as Mallet or possibly Malet, but was changed to Maillet after the first immigrant to Canada. They do not appear to be related to the Augustin Maguet/Maillet family above.

Pierre was born in the St. Coulomb parish of Brittany, France around 1632. His parents were Jean & Guillemette RUELLAN. A plowman, he is estimated to have arrived in Canada about 1659.6
Marie Anne was the daughter of merchant-goldsmith René & Renée NOGET, born to them about 1635 in the La Trinité parish of Angers, Anjou, France. In 1662, Marie Anne set sail for New France as a fille a marier. However, she had something that set her apart from most of her fellow fille a marier; she came with a dowry. And a considerable one it was--it was worth 500 livres!6
Did Pierre see dollar signs on 9 July 1662 when the marriage contract was drawn up? I don't know what he saw, but I know what no one else will see--his signature on the marriage contract. Pierre was unable to sign his name, but his future wife could. Their wedding celebration took place the following 23 October at Montréal.2,6
They had the following children:
Marie Genevieve- Baptized 2 October 1663 at Montréal.6
Anne- Baptized 20 February 1666 at Montréal.6
Jean- Baptized 17 April 1670 at Montréal.6
Louis- Baptized 8 February 1673 at Montréal.6
Pierre- Baptized 16 February 1676 at Montréal.6
All of the boys would become engages Ouest or fur trader that was officially licensed and was authorized to trade, trap and travel in the lands west of Montréal.6
Pierre Mallet died sometime after 4 February 1699. Marie Anne Hardy was buried 20 January 1716 at Montréal; she had died at Lachine.65


René was baptized 24 February 1688 in Montréal; his parents were Pierre & Marie Anne HARDY. He was an engage Ouest.2,6
Marie was baptized 20 August 1671, the daughter of Pierre & Marie JUILLET.2
René and Marie were married 17 October 1689 in Montréal. The couple's only known child is JEAN FRANÇOIS. The couple's death details are unknown.2

Jean François MAILLET - Marie ROY

Jean François was baptized 19 June 1701 in Montréal, the son of René & Marie L'ESCUYER. Marie was born about 1702, the daughter of Jean & Marie Anne BOUCHARD.2
This couple married in Montreal 8 November 1728. Their only known child is JEAN BAPTISTE AMABLE. Their death information is unavailable at this time.2

Jean Baptiste Amable MAILLET - Marie Louise LEGAUT dit Deslauriers

Jean Baptiste Amable was baptized 13 September 1729 in Montréal; he was born to Jean François & Marie ROY. On 14 February 1752, Jean Baptiste Amable married Marie Louise in Montréal. She was the daughter of Jean & Marguerite MILOT and had been baptized 5 February 1735 in Montréal. Jean Baptiste Amable and Marie Louise had one known child, MARIE LOUISE. No death details are known for this couple.2

The In-Laws

The in-laws are listed in alphabetical order by husband's surname.

Joseph BARBE & Marguerite DESJARDINS

THIS branch of the family was a challenge to research! The Bear-Barbe dit Abel line changed the initial surname, then used the "dit" name interchangeably with either the first or the last name. I believe I've got it all sorted out now--but if your info differs from mine, do let me know.

Joseph is the son of Louis BEAR & Louise Murphy. Joseph's birth information has not been uncovered, so it is not known if he was born in London, which is where his parents are supposed to hail from. Joseph's name is recorded as Abel Joseph Bear and Abel Joseph Barbe in various records.1,2
Joseph married Marguerite Desjardins 28 April 1699 in Pointe-aux-Trembles, Quebec. She was presented for baptism on 11 June 1673 in Montreal, the daughter of Claude & Marguerite CARDILLON. The couple's daughter is JEANNE1,2,7

Louis BEAR & Louise MURPHY

Tanguay claims that this couple is from London, England; one can't help but wonder if Louise was Irish in origin. Nothing else is known about them other than their son is JOSEPH. Because of their place of origin, it would only be natural to wonder if this couple suffered the same fate as Jean HAIMOND and his wife; but I have nothing concrete so far to substantiate that either couple may have been taken captive by Indians and brought to New France.2

Mathurin BESNARD dit Lajeunesse & Marguerite VIARD

Mathurin was the son of Louis & Mathurine CHEVAY; born to them about 1644 in Villiers-Charlemagne, Angers, Anjou, France. His date of arrival in Canada is unknown. 7
Marguerite was a fille du roi from Bire-Comte-Robert, Melun, Paris, France, where she had been born about 1650 to Pierre & Marie Isabelle LECOMTE; the latter's name has also been recorded as Marie Noblin or Isabelle Noblair. By 1671, both of Marguerite's parents had died; so she decided to begin a new life in a new place. Along with the 50 livres that the King had donated, Marguerite had a dowry worth 300 livres. Not a bad start!7
Mathurin and Marguerite had a marriage contract created on 8 October 1672. It took her a year to decide on a husband; she had annulled two marriage contracts before choosing and sticking with Mathurin. The couple had four children, one of which is our ancestress MARIE2,7
Mathurin Besnard died sometime between 20 January-20 October 1682. Marguerite married Jean Inard; after his death, she married Joseph Serran dit L'Espagnol ("the Spaniard"). In September 1688, the couple were accused of stealing melons from Honoré Danis' garden, but it turned out they had harvested their own fruit and were carrying it home. An accusation by Joseph Serran against Honoré's son held up in court; the lad was found guilty of stealing Mr. Serran's crop!7
Marguerite Viard was buried 27 December 1715 in Montréal.7

Etienne BOUCHARD & Marguerite BOISSEL

Claude DESJARDINS dit Charbonnier & Marguerite CARDILLON

Claude hailed from l'Iles, Senlis, Île d'France, France. Tanguay fixes his year of birth at 1649; Tom Laforest says 1636. His parents were Marin & Marguerite GABRIELLE.2,7
His marriage to Marguerite Cardillon took place in Quebec, on 12 January 1666. The bride was a fille du roi from Paris, France; the parish of St. Germain, to be more precise. She was born circa 1641 to Noël & Marie DUBOIS. Her dowry was 200 livres worth of goods.2,7
They settled at Montréal and their lives were relatively uneventful. They had 6 children, one of which was our ancestress MARGUERITE.2,7
Claude died sometime between 10 February 1683 and 1 February 1711. Marguerite died 24 June 1711 at the Hôtel-Dieu de Montréal and was buried the same day, which is usually indicative of a communicable disease.2,7

Jean DESMARETS dit Desnoyers & Thérèse MÉNARD

Jean was born around 1677 if the age on his death record is correct. His parents and his origins are unknown.1
Thérèse "dit Lafontaine" was baptized on 4 October 1676 in Boucherville, Quebec. Her parents, Jacques & Catherine FORESTIER, died before 1709--too soon to be able to prevent what happens next.2,6
On an unknown date in 1709, Jean and Thérèse--probably with two other people as a witness--attended Mass. While Missionary de Francheville performed the ceremony, Jean and Thérèse held hands, gazed into each others eyes, and promised themselves to each other for all eternity. This practice was known as being married "à la gaumine".2
Marriage in this fashion was the brainchild of a Mr. Gaumine, who came up with this as a way for couples who could not or did not want to marry in the custom of the Catholic Church. In 1579, a civil law was enacted in France that declared a marriage was not considered legal or valid unless performed in the presence of a priest and two witnesses. Mr Gaumine evidently decided that as long as all the pieces were in place, the requirements were satisfied. Kind of an "it's better to beg forgiveness than to ask permission" sort of situation, I think! At any rate, this practice came to New France with the new colonists; and became so widespread that in 1717 the Bishop of Québec threatened anyone who engaged in this practice--and their witnesses--with excommunication from the Catholic Church. And since everyone in the colony was Catholic--one was not permitted to immigrate to New France unless they converted to Catholicism--the practice began to fall out of use. The Church was a large and important part of family life in that time period--excommunication was considered scandalous.8
Why did Jean and Thérèse choose this method of marriage? Would Thérèse have consented to this had one or both of her parents been alive to counsel and redirect her? The answers to these questions are unknown to me. What I do know is that, on 29 February 1724, the couple had their marriage "rehabilitated", or made valid.2
Jean and Thérèse's daughter ANGELIQUE contributes descendants to our lineage.2
Thérèse Menard died 19 June 1753 in Longueuil, Quebec and was buried the next day. Jean lived 10 more years, dying on 5 March 1763 in St. Phillip, Quebec. He was buried the next day. Don't, however, look for his death record under the name Desmarets--it was recorded under his "dit" name of Desnoyers.1


This couple married 28 October 1636 in Notre-Dame-de-Cogne, Aunis, France. He was the son of André-Barthommé & Françoise RICHARD. She was from Nantes, Brittany, France; the daughter of André & Jeanne DUGAST.6
Jean was a cook as well as a master pastry chef. He also operated a cabaret in La Rochelle, located on the Grande Rue in the Grandes Boucheries section.6
Julienne Coiffé was buried at Notre-Dame-de-La Rochelle on 20 April 1650. Jean went on to marry Marie Mallet.6
The child of Jean & Julienne was CATHERINE.6

Joseph GUYON du Buisson & Genevieve CLOUTIER

Blaise JUILLET & Antoinette DE LIERCOURT & Hugues PICARD

Blaise, who used the "dit" name of Avignon, was baptized 26 February 1611 in the St. Agricol parish of Avignon, Comtat-Venaissin, France; godparents Blaise Maître and Catherine Baudet held him at the baptismal font. His parents were butcher Jean & Gabrielle BARBARINE; Jean and Gabrielle were married 18 June 1609 in the St. Symphorien parish of Avignon. A peat worker, Blaise wen to La Rochelle on 31 April 1644 I know that date is wrong, but that's what the source shows! to enlist to go to Canada on a 3-year contract at 75 livres per year.6
Ann Antoinette was born about 1632 in Ste. Marguerite, Beauvais, Picardy, France; her parents were Philippe DE LIERCOURT & Jeanne PALIN. No other information is known about her parents. She came to Canada about 1650 and is considered a fille à marier.6
Blaise and Anne Antoinette had a marriage contract drawn up on 2 February 1651 at Trois-Rivières and were married sometime that month, probably at Trois-Rivières. Of their four children, MARIE is our ancestress in this line.
Blaise Juillet dit Avignon was drowned on 19 April 1660 near the Île St. Paul while fleeing the Iroquois Indians with Adam Dollard des Ormeaux; most likely during the infamous "Battle of Long Sault". He was buried the next day at Montréal.6,9
Anne was most likely terribly upset at the death of her husband. But she had babies that needed to be fed......And on 11 June, two months after the death of her husband, Anne Antoinette married Hugues Picard dit Lafortune, a plowman and a longsawyer from St.Colombin, Le Pont-James, Brittany, France. Hugues was born about 1627 to Gabriel & Michelle CLAVIER.6
Hugues enlisted to go to Canada on 20 June 1653 as part of the Grand Recrue. He sailed over on the St. Nicolas and landed in Montreal on 15 November 1653. After his contract was over, Hugues returned to France--but he was back in Canada by 1659, in the employ of the Sulpicians of Montreal as a woodworker.6
Hugues and Anne Antoinette settled at Montreal, where Hugues became a soldier in 12th squadron of the Saint Famille militia. Anne Antoinette enlisted Notary Adhémar to draw up her will in 19 May 1702; she was buried 5 years later on 30 September 1707 at Montreal. Hugues, we see, was a bit of a procrastinator; he never got around to having his will created. The instrument was drawn up on 22 December 1707--the day of his burial in Montreal.6
Of the couple's 5 children, both MICHELLE and MARGUERITE enrich this family with their descendants.6

Jean LEGAUT & Marguerite MILOT

Jean was baptized 24 July 1701 in Montréal; his parents were Noël & Marie BESNARD. Marguerite's parents were Charles & Marie POTHIER; her birth information is not known.2
This couple married 9 May 1727 in Lachine, Québec. Their child was MARIE LOUISE. Their dates of death are unknown.2


Noël come to us from Ervillac, Cornouailles, France, where he was born to Roch & Marie GALION about 1674. A notation in Tanguary refers to him as a "Soldier La Verrier". Marie's parents are Mathurin & Marguerite VIARD. Marie was baptized in Sorel, Québec on 10 May 1678. She had been widowed by François Gloria before marrying Noël.2
Noël and Marie were married 18 November 1698 in Montréal. Their child was JEAN. No death details for this couple are known.2


Pierre comes to us from France; the Notre-Dame-de-Fontaine area of Poitou to be exact. He was born there about 1631 to René & Marguerite REINGEAUD; nothing else known about them. Marie was the daughter of Blaise & Anne Antoinette DE LIERCOURT; she was baptized in Montréal on 25 November 1653.2,6
Pierre and Marie were married in Montreal on 23 July 1670. Their known child was MARIE. Their death details are unavailable.2

Jacques MENARD dit Lafontaine & Catherine FORESTIER

Jacques was born about 1632 in Mervent, Fortenay-le-Comte, Poitou, France; the son of Jean & Anne SAVINELLE. His year of arrival in Canada is unknown. He was a carriage maker and carpenter.6
Jacques married fille à marier Catherine on 19 November 1657 in Trois-Rivières. She was from La Rochelle, France, born circa 1634 to Jean & Julienne COIFFÉ. Their child was Thérèse.6
This family was one of the first to move to Boucherville; this occured sometime between 1669 and 1671. Here, the couple lived out their lives. Catherine died on 31 March 1694 and was buried in Boucherville on 1 April. On 14 January 1707, Jacques died and was also buried in Boucherville on 15 January.6

Charles MILOT & Marie POTHIER

Charles was carried to the baptismal font in Montréal on 22 October 1667. His parents were Jean & Mathurine THIBAULT Marie was born about 1678, the daughter of Claude & Louise BOISDON.2
Wedding bells pealed on 12 May 1689 in Montréal to celebrate the union of Charles and Marie. Charles supported his family as a merchant. Their daughter MARGUERITE is our ancestress.2
Charles Milot was buried 19 April 1727 at Lachine. Marie Pothier died seven years later and was also buried at Lachine on 16 May 1734.2

Jean MILOT dit Le Bourguignon & Mathurine THIBAULT

Jean was a native of Vermenton, Auxerre, Burgundy, France. He was born there about 1628 to Philibert & Christine SONONAIRE. He was an edge-tool maker by trade, as well as a merchant bourgeois, or middle-class man. His arrival date in Canada is unknown. He was a widower with six children, having been married to fille a marier Marie Marthe Pinson.7
Mathurine was the daughter of Étienne & Jeanne DELAMOTTE; like Jean's parents, nothing more is known about them. Mathurine's birth took place about 1632 in the Notre-Dame-de-Nantilly parish of Saumur, Anger, Anjou, France. By 1663, both of her parents had died. This became the catalyst for her to sign up with the fille du roi program and strike out for New France.7
Jean and Mathurine were married 26 November 1663 in Montréal. The marriage contract had been penned on the 17th; Mathurine was the only one of the couple that could sign it. They settled at Montréal, where all of their six children were baptized. The child that brings descendants to our lineage is CHARLES.7
On 3 February 1669, Jean bought Lachine, which was a subdivision of a seigneurie at the time, from Robert Cavelier dit La Salle; the family seemed to have survived the Lachine massacre of 1689. Jean Milot died 3 November 1699. Mathurine survived him, but her death information is unknown7.

Pierre PERTHUIS dit Lalime & Claud DAMISE

Pierre was a native of St. Denis, Amboise, Tours, Touraine, France. He was born there in 1644 to wood merchant Sylvain & Mathurine RASSICOT; nothing more is known about his parents. He came to Canada on August 17 1665, a soldier with the Salieres Company of the Carignan Regiment. Pierre became a merchant-bourgeois in Montreal and began enlisting fur traders7
Pierre married Claud on 10 December 1668 in Montréal. They obtained a special dispensation since the marriage was taking place during Advent. Claud was born in Paris, France in the St-Nicolas-du-Chardonnet parish, in the faubourg Saint Victor about 1643. She was the daughter of Etienne & Geneviève PIOCHE. She came to Canada in 1665 as a fille du roi, and stayed at the Maison St-Gabriel in Montreal upon her arrival.7
After having 3 children with Pierre, Claud gave birth to a fourth child whose father was Jean Paradis. Claud went on to have 5 more children with her husband; two of those children were CATHERINE and MARIE.7
Was Pierre a patient and forgiving man? I'd like to give him the benefit of the doubt and say yes.
In June 1682, the couple were pressed to do their civic duty by testifying against cabaret owner Anne Lamarque dite Folleville. Apparently Anne had been living in the couple's home since April--and Pierre and Claud saw firsthand her..er...dealings, shall we say...with other men.7
Claud Damise was buried in Montreal on 6 October 1705. Pierre married fille du roi Francoise Moisan two years later, but his date of death is not known.7


Claude's parents and place of origin is unknown; he was born about 1644. He was a merchant by trade. The same can be said of Louise; she was born about 1630. It is possible that this couple came from France. Their daughter MARIE.2
Louise Boisdon was buried 11 June 1702 in Montreal. Claude was buried at Lachine on 12 August 1728.2

Jean ROY & Marie Anne BOUCHARD

Jean is the son of Jean & Françoise BOUET, who were married in France in 1659. The family's place of origin in France, as well as Jean fils date of birth, is unknown.2
Marie Anne was baptized on Christmas Day 1673 in Quebec City; her parents were Etienne & Marguerite BOISSEL. Jean and Marie Anne were marred 9 February 1690 at Montreal. Their daughter was MARIE. There is no death information available for this couple.2

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