Name: Roseda Rith
Age: 15
DOB: July 10, 1985
Nationality: Cambo
StatuS: Single
Sn: MyStiCaL SiLvel2
MaRs ColoR: Silver or Gray
MaRs Personality: The Nice(sometimes) & mature 1
Ideal guy: Funny, confidence & not scared to live life
Fav. Colors: Silver & white
Fav. songs: I swear, nobody knows it but me & Stellar
Likes: Volleyball, going out, dancing, singing, stars & more
Dislikes: Staying home and doing nothing


Sometimes our friendship is not fully shown but we all know that the friendship exists and will always exists in our hearts. We get closer and closer to each other every second so we are all like sisters to each other.

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Name: Saychay Phongsavahn
Age: 15
DOB: Oct. 25, 1985
Nationality: Laotion
StatuS: Single
Sn: LiLxSaYSaY978
MaRs ColoR: Blue
MaRs Personality: "Baby" of MaRs
Ideal guy: Funny, caring & trusting
Fav. Colors: Any shade of blue
Fav. songs: Dedicate my love, Incomplete, Perfect Man, U'll be my future
Likes:Talking on the phone, hanging wit friends, watching thai movies & more
Dislikes:Staying home

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