The [411] on Miss_Selina

Full Name: Selina Malin Lor
Existence: 20 Years
Location: Lowell, MA
DOB: Sep. 12, 1985
Nationality: Cambo, Chinese, Viet
Occupation: Student at U-Lowell
Jobs: Wetseal n Financial Aid Office
Marital Status: Single
E-mail: SLOR978@Yahoo.Com
Screen Name: SwEeTxSeLiNa


Mars is where us best frens share our secrets and our laughter and cries..its life looking back on these memories later. We know we will always keep in touch with each other and even if we had our ups and downs, we'll always be best friends for life.

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Name: Annie Keophila
Age: 15
DOB: Aug. 14, 1985
Nationality: Laotion
StatuS: Taken by Skye
Sn: AnGeLGoDdEz
MaRs ColoR: Pink
MaRs Personality: 1/2 Angel 1/2 Devil
Ideal guy: Funny, sweet, caring & honest
Fav. Colors: Pink & baby blue
Fav. songs: Dedicate my love, I knew I loved you & other rap songs my hubby listens to
Likes: Skye.. Skye.. Skye.. singing, dancing, and shopping
Dislikes: Snobby people

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