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Darkest Greetings my friends and fiends ... welcome to The Club's Scare-amonies.

To cast your vote click on the image here ...

Voting ends on Saturday 23rd July 2011 ... I am planning to post winners here that weekend.

Best New Killer
Best re-make
Best 3D
Best Death Scene
Best Special FX
Best Sequel
Best Animation
Best Prequel
Freakiest Scene
Guiltiest Pleasure
Scariest or Freakiest killer animal
Most Welcome Re-Issue
Most Looking Forward To
Favorite Tag Line
Best Television
Best Score
Best CD
Favorite Band
Vampires or Werewolves (besides Underworld & Twilight)
Addams or Munsters
Best Book
Favorite Artist
Favorite Movie to watch during Hallowe'en
Worst Trend
Worst Film
Worst Sequel
Worst Special FX
Least Looking Forward To

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