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The Cavern Dwellars Club

funny song about El Chupacabra

Welcome to The Club ... as called for short [the typo is meant]
** Now celebrating our 15th year!! **

Issue #107 - out in mid/end March ... news and events, reviews, Hallowe'en garden ideas, vampire recipes, Gothic Garden decor article, movie listings, Amanda Seyfried & Megan Fox bios, stories/poetry, Rolling Hills asylum & Bachelor's Grove cemetery article, Funerary Symbolism article, Important Nights, grave photos, ads and more.

Issue #108 - out in mid/end May ... convention listings/news/events, ghost tours listings, reviews, hallowe'en lantern projects, gothic smoothie recipes, movie listings, Scare-amonies, writings, Brad Dourif & Lance Henrikson bios, Bachelor's Grove cemetery article, Save Our Cemeteries article, important dates, art, ads and much more.

Issue #109 - my 16th Anniversary issue - out in mid/end July ... convention listings/news/events, reviews, hallowe'en party décor ideas, Autumn leaves décor idea, movie listings, Scar-amonie winners, writings, bios of Wes Craven & cast of SCREAM 4, articles, important dates, art, ads and much more.

Issue #110 - pre-Hallowe'en issue - out in mid/end September ... haunted house attraction listings, reviews, new hallowe'en costumes & décor, movie listings, a hallowe’en movie must watch listing, writings, Clive Barker bio, articles, important dates, art, ads and much more.

Issue #111 - post-Hallowe'en issue - out in mid/end November ... convention listings/news/events, reviews, reader hallowe'en photos & info, gothic holiday décor, movie listings, writings, bios of Tobe Hooper – John Carpenter – Rob Zombie, articles, important dates, art, ads and much more.

The Club is a snail mail, colour, bi-monthly, 20 plus page publication and it has been around since June / July 1996. Issues are out in mid/end of January, March, May, July, September, November ... deadlines for issues is the 13th of that month. Though The Club is a "non-traditional" Goth/Horror magazine ... it is not a zine!
The issues have news / event / conventions ~ reviews of books , tv shows , films , cds , games ~ most all things Hallowe'en related ~ gothic 'home & garden' ... recipes , gardening , decor ~ movie listings ~ bios & photos of actors , artists , writers , fx masters , musicians ~ stories & poems ~ articles ~ photos ~ art ~ ads ~ many other bits.

The Club focuses on Horror ~ Goth ~ Samhain / Hallowe'en ~ vampires ~ ghosts & hauntings ~ the moon ~ lycans / werewolves ~ creatures like Nessie, Jersey Devil, Wendigo, etc... and so forth.
It does NOT have any interest in Satanism / devil worshipping! Nor does it accept anything of a mature nature.

The Club has been recognized by quite a few well known folks in the Horror & Goth worlds from film producers to authors to memorabilia collectors to which I say "fangs" for the compliments and words of encouragement. I especially wish to thank Sara K ... Cheryl D ... Joseph V, Christine F, William P ... Helena ... Lesley PB ... Nancy K ... Rosemary EG ... Charles for their words of encouragement.

The US fees are $4 single - $15 full year
The Other fees are $5 single - $20 full year

US funds only! Send well concealed cash (at your own risk) or a money order payable to Raven.
Send to the address below.

The Club
556 York Av East
St. Paul MN

Any questions or anything please feel free to write.
Thanks for visiting. Hope to hear from you soon. ~*~ Spooky

this banner is a link to a great Halloween haunted house attraction!! it's so creepy it evens spooks us.

AD information & guidelines

ad fees are $10 per full page ad per issue ... $5 per ad all other sizes per issue
ads can be in colour [RGB] or b&w
formats accepted are JPG, BMP, TIFF or GIF format – preferred is JPEG format
DPI accepted is – 150 or 300
sizes are as follows: full page is 7"x10" ... 1/2 page horizontal is 7"x5" ... 1/2 page vertical is 3"x10" ... 1/4 page is 3"x5" ... 1/6 page is 2.5"x5"

featured writer guidelines

** The Club reserves the right to determine the use of submitted articles, photos, art, reviews, etc; and to edit articles and resize photos for publication.
** all submissions will become property of The Club and will not be returned.
** if what you send is not original you MUST tell where / who it is from!
** the owner of the art, photos, articles, etc always retain copyright ownership of their original works. photographers, writers and artists will be acknowledged when their works are published.
** articles, news, reviews and the like are to be in Microsoft Word, Text or Wordpad format – preferred is Microsoft Word format.
** art, photos, etc are to be in JPEG, BMP, TIF or GIF format – preferred is JPEG format.

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