Here is a BoS outline that I found very useful and hope you do too.

The most valuable and essential tool to the witch is a BoS (Book of Shadows). This is a collection of all your learnings, memories, rituals, etc. in one place. Most modern Wiccans use a three-ring binder to make it easy to arrange documents and add in other papers. This can, of course, be hand-written or printed from a computer.

The following is a listing of some common things people keep in their BoS. Don't limit yourself- just because these are the most ordinary things to keep, it doesn't mean they are the only things you can keep. Creativity will make your BoS more special.

The Wiccan Rede Include a copy of the rede. You may also want to have an evaluation of the rede- that is, "dissect" the rede and consider each statement, and write about its meaning and value to your practices.

The Sabbats Have a copy of the eight major sabbats and include information on the importance of each one.

Calendar A calendar of the moon phases, progressions, and the astrological signs they are in each day. Mark new moons and full moons. Also include major events, holidays, and sabbats.

Magickal Correspondences A list of what each god and goddess represents, and a list of the meanings of herbs in magick, and the symbolism of different candle colors. Maybe include a list of the significance of different scented incences.

Rituals and Spells Have a section of rituals and spells you find practical and useful, or you may need for future occasions.

Chants and Poems Chants or prayers you find especially nice are good for your BoS collection. Also, personal poetry and your own hand-written chants would be a great addition to your book.

Daily Journal/ Dream Journal A journal of daily events and occurences is always a good idea. A dream journal is also an excellent suggestion- recording and analyzing dreams can help you to become more in touch with your "third eye", or psychic awareness.

Insights Your path to learning can help you more in the future if you are able to look back on it. Ask yourself questions, and write your responses in a section of personal insights. As opposed to a daily journal, this will not record actual events, but instead, will help you to reflect on theories and thoughts. Think about how you began on this path, reconsider your ways of life, think about the wonders of reality, write a little on what Wicca means to you and how it's changed your outlook on life. Anything goes. And you can always return to a previous insight, and add what new views you've stumbled upon! Don't forget to write the time/date on each entry!

Remember, don't just stick a bunch of stuff into your BoS. Only include what you consider to be of value, and always make your own alterations. If you put a ritual in their, write side-notes on what you decided to change for your purpose. If you put an inspirational article in there, add your own thoughts and ideas in the margins.

Note, the above was found on http://www.spiritonline.com/wicca/bos.html Credit goes to spirit on-line..not me : )

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