Prayer to the God and Goddess:

May my every breath be praise to G-d.
May every word that falls from my lips be honorable.
I pray that I remember always to walk in their light with my thoughts and actions,
And that I have the strength to get up when I stumble.
May everything I do be blessed.

By Ariel Morgan, Inspired by the Goddess, written 2/10/02

Greetings! This is my book of shadows, which contains information on my beliefs, short prayers, spells and also what I've learned about other religions (including Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism.)
The following is sort of slanted towards Wicca and Paganism, but with an attempt to keep an open mind. I don't know everything there is to know on all of these topics, but what knowledge I do posess, I want to share with those who are willing to learn. So, blessed be on your journeys.

My essays:
Walking the Path Between Light and Shadow
The One True God - An essay about God
Pagan, Wiccan, or Witch?
Death and Life
Samhain, 10/01
The BoS
A BoS Outline
Magickal Dictionary
Pagan and other religious links
Understanding Myself and the rest of the world

Other religions:
The Golden Rule
My Visit to a Buddhist Monastery
Outline of Hindu Beliefs

Sometimes You Just Gotta Laugh!

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Technical note, copyright stuff and the like: Almost all of the graphics I have do not belong to me, nor do I unfortunately know the owners, if you find I had something on my site that belongs to you, please email me so I can either give you credit or take it down. The picture up top is there because I think it very pretty, don't take it too seriously though. (strange people in this world..) And I have to say that though the penticle on the book she's holding is upside down, neither I nor my faith are in anyway related to the christian devil or satanism, nor do I associate the penticle with either ideas.