Daria: The Misery Chick
Fan Fiction

Bittersweet 16 -Naomi

Stacy - Grace S.

Daria......Where are you? - Crazy Nutso

Thank You, Drive Through - Aphrael

Rose-Colored Lenses - Kara Wild
The Tie that Chokes - Kara Wild
That Thing You Say - Kara Wild
Shipped Out - Kara Wild
Andrea Speaks! - Kara Wild
Cheered Down - Kara Wild

Accept No Substitutes - C.E. Forman
Alienation Legacy - C.E. Forman
All Washed Up - C.E. Forman
Daria versus the IRS - C.E. Forman
Driven Wild - C.E. Forman
Goodbye, Diarrhea - C.E. Forman
Lotto Nonsense - C.E. Forman
No Picnic - C.E. Forman
Rain On Your Parade (1/2) - C.E. Forman
Rain On Your Parade (2/2) - C.E. Forman
Taking Debate - C.E. Forman
To Helen Back - C.E. Forman
Weighting to Exhale - C.E. Forman

Blast from Uh, Past - GiantJ8009@aol.com
Blast from Uh, Past 2 - GiantJ8009@aol.com

Mission: Irritational - Aaron
When Hell Froze Over - Aaron
Loose Lips - Aaron

Kindness of Strangers Part 1 - LaurenGirl
Kindness of Strangers Part 2 - LaurenGirl
Wash Me Part 1 - LaurenGirl

The Plot in a Nutshell - Dr.Belch
Spring Break in Hell - Dr.Belch

The Storm - Pat Leland
Beach Bum-mer - Pat Leland