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Quotes About Brent Johnson

From Darren Pang's Weekly Goalie Rankings on (Brent was ranked #1 the week of 1-15-01):
"Blues coach Joel Quenneville has given his young goalie a great deal of confidence by stopping the rotation and letting him take the ball and run with it. Johnson has responded by winning his last five games, making the Blues look like a team that wants to win again. It helps having Chris Pronger back playing like he can, making those 60-foot outlet passes right on the tape. Give credit to Johnson, too, as he has been making the timely saves. Last Saturday, he weathered the storm against Pittsburgh and won 4-1 in Mario's return. With Fred Brathwaite as his partner, the Blues have a good tandem. But like the Flyers, you need to have one guy down the stretch. Will Johnson be the guy?"

"Just the look in his eyes, the way he was handling the puck from the start. He's a confident guy - and he's going to have to be the quarterback back there. When it doesn't go well he's ticked and that's what you want...confidence in the goaltender is contagious." - Blues Captain Chris Pronger

"How can you get a shot by him? He takes up the whole net." - Blues teammate Keith Tkachuk

"Brent Johnson is a great goalie. You look at guys like Martin Broduer, Patrick Roy, and Grant Fuhr, they won Stanley Cups when they were young. How does a young guy get to prove himself unless somebody guves him a chance?" - Blues Captain Chris Pronger

"You have to give Johnson so much credit. He played so well and gave them an opportunity to win. He played awesome. I'm sure it wasn't an easy situation for a rookie coming in, facing elimination like they were." - Colorado defenseman Ray Bourque on Johnson's play against the Avs in Game 5 of their playoff series

"This guy is definetly the goalie of the future for the Blues." - Colorado Avalanche head coach Bob Hartley

"He's played a lot in the minors and he's grown each year. Sometimes you just have to be in the right spot but we feel he has the potential to be a No. 1 goalie at some point in time." - Blues Head Coach Joel Quenneville

"I played with him in Worcester and he was unbelievable there, he won games singlehandedly for us down there and now he's starting to do it here as well. I don't know much about goaltending but I know he has a lot of talent. He has a goaltender's body: he's big, has the long legs, and he's quick like a cat. He's got it all going for him right now." - Blues Winger Tyson Nash

"Johnson came in, he has a couple of shutouts for us already and he's been playing solid for us. That's what we need, getting big saves at the right time, and that's what we're getting." - Blues Center Pierre Turgeon

"He's a big guy who handles the puck real well and helps himself a lot controlling the puck. He spent three years in the minors, has had a lot of playing time and it's paying off. In fact, both our goalies are great at handling the puck back there. They're able to shoot it out on the penalty kill by themselves. To be able to stop the puck and gain control of it, mor often than not, is great. One good pass and you're out of the zone. Wraparounds - if your goalie can't handle it or he doesn't come out of the net, then it's a battle along the boards and it's a 50-50 chance." - Blues Defenseman Al MacInnis

"Out-stan-ding" - Blues Center Pierre Turgeon (accenting each syllable)

"This guy has won games on his own....Certainly against Washington he stole two points and in Vancouver he made some great saves when the game was on the line." - Blues Defenseman Al MacInnis

"He has played very well. And his numbers speak for themselves. In Worcester, I thought he was a great goalie, and I think he's been a great goalie here." - Blues defenseman Bryce Salvador

Quotes By Brent Johnson

"No burdens, no pressure, I feel confident. The team is great this year." (on the 2001-2002 season)

"Oh yeah, that was the highlight of my first year, being able to play a playoff game and against Colorado as well, it was special. We lost, but just getting the start felt really good."

"Its almost 90 percent mental. Once you go into a game, you try not to think about it too much. I feel like I haven't established myself totally, but I've made a little bit of a presence in the organization."

"Three years in the minors really helped me. Last year it was almost better they didn't call me up. You make saves every night and it was beneficial to the learning process."

"I got some sleep last night, I didn't think I would. It's just amazing. I can't really say the words. It's really emotional." (on playing at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit where his grandfather Sid Abel's number 12 is retired)

"He was the nicest man and his death was a hard thing for me. He has inspired me so much. I'm very proud to have such a great bloodline, and I hope I can live up to it." (on his grandfather's death)

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