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Born: March 12, 1977 in Farmington, Michigan
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 190
Catches: Left
Traded to St. Louis for San Jose's 3rd round draft choice in the 1997 entry draft and a conditional choice in the 2000 entry draft on May 30, 1997. Drafted as Colorado's 5th choice, 129th overall, in the 1995 entry draft

Full Name: Brent Spencer Johnson
Nickname: "Johnny"
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Vanilla
High School: Farmington High School
Favorite Cereal: Cinnamon Toast Crunch
First Job: Landscaping
Favorite CD: Led Zeppelin
First Car: LeBaron Convertible
Hobbies: Music, movies, golf
All-time Favorite Concert: Rage Against the Machine
If You Were An Animal, What Would You Be: Leopard
Favorite Clothing Store: Armani
Favorite Toothpaste: Crest
Favorite Game Show: Wheel of Fortune
Favorite 80s Band: Fleetwood Mac
Favorite Road Resteraunt: Outback
Favorite ESPN Anchor: Dan Patrick
If You Could Be A Musician, Who Would You Be: Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin)
Favorite Sports Drink: Powerade
Coolest Thing In Your Bedroom Growing Up: Production Line Photo
Favorite Shampoo: Thermasilk
Dream Car: Ferrari Spyder
Favorite Olympic Sport: Alpine Skiing
Favorite Cartoon Character: Bugs Bunny
Favorite Season: Fall
How Old Were You When You Put On Your First Pair Of Skates: 4 Years Old
Favorite Magazine: GQ
Favorite Meal: Fondu
Charities: Karmonos Cancer Foundation

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