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For my fellow literary buffs, a page full of links to pages full of words...*g* Enjoy!

Poikilothermic Post Meridiem
This is my first completed attempt at a short story; I wrote it at Governor's Scholars the summer of '98. Ummm, it isn't really about anything in particular, so don't ask, I haven't decided yet. It has been suggested that prequels and sequels be written, and I am thinking about maybe working on that after Nik, Kas, and I get done with....

The Story
This is a story that Nikki, Kasumi, and I are writing. *g*

RP is quickly becoming my favorite way of writing and telling a story and one of my favorite pastimes.. You create a character, much as you would in any other story, but you interact not only with other characters you yourself might create, but characters that others have made, also.. It's tons of fun! So far, I only have RPs from Monarchy up.

This one just came to me on the evening of November 11, 1999. It was inspired by actual circumstances and feelings. I felt inclined to share it with the world, but I couldn't think of anywhere to post it that wouldn't either make me look slightly insane or cause concerned parties to become upset with me.

The Queen of the Night
I got this idea early in May '99, and it begged to be written for about two weeks before I ever got aroung to it. I don't know that I'm completely satisfied with the style or anything like that, but I loved the idea. *g*

The Latin Page
Latin is my favortie subject at school, even though it is probably my hardest; it is a truly beautiful language. On this page are quotes from Latin authors: some from poems, some from plays, some from other works. There are some true kernels of wisdom and insight in there, so you might wanna check it out. *w*

This is pretty self-explanatory....a page of poetry. *g*

Literary Links
Links to other lit pages that you might enjoy, such as Nathan's Page or Melissa's Page! *g* If I didn't recommend it and enjoy it myself, I wouldn't mention it!

You are siteworm # to have chewed on this page! *g*

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