It's All Just One Big Plastic Hassle...
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It's All Just One Big Plastic Hassle...

Hi there.
Welcome to my pithy little website. Yes, it's one of those freebies. Sue me.
There isn't much to these pages in the way of snappy graphics, fancy javathis and javathat, or frame thingamajigs.
In fact this page isn't even about me. I'm not sure I'm interesting enough to deserve my own page. But, if you really want to know something about me, go here :-)
Mainly, however, this is purely a site of faith and devotion. It is intended to be a sort of online journal of my travels as I followed U2's 1997 PopMart tour across North America. Now that they're safe in Europe for a while, I figured I'd stave off boredom and chronical my adventures in html. ;-)
So far, I only feature four of the sixteen concerts I attended, mainly because they're the only ones I have decent photographs for. The others require heavy amounts of writing and that's going to take a little while (master procrastinator!). So, you'll have to amuse yourself with what's here for the time being. As I said, this isn't an impressive sight by any means, but I am not an impressive person. I am impressed. And this site is about the thing that does it most.
So stop reading this and click through the damn thing.
Be sure and give me some feedback.
The Thank You and Credits Page

Welcome To PopMart...

The First Show...Las Vegas, April 25, 1997
New Jersey - May 31, June 2 and 3
Philadelphia, PA - June 8
Boston, MA - July 1 and 2.