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The Renquin's

Matthew M. Ryder
Last updated 6/28/99
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Jean Renquin

b.? in.? m.? in.? Catherine Neys b.? in.? d.? bur.? Jean died? in.? bur.?

i. Henri Renquin b.?1680


Henri Renquin

b.? 1680 in.? m.? in.? Catherine Salmon b.? in.? d.? 1757 bur.? Henri died? 1727 in.? bur.?

i. Jean Pierre Renquin b.? 1719


Jean Pierre Renquin

b.? 1719 in.? m.? in.? Marie Robert b.? 1716 in.? d.? 1794 in.? bur.? Jean Pierre died? bur.?

i. Jean Jacques Renquin b.?1755


Jean Jacques Renquin

b.?1755 in.? m.? in.? Gertude Balkaert b.? in.? d.?1789 bur.? Jean Jacques died? 1796 in.? bur.?

i. Gabriel Renquin b.? 1778


Gabriel Renquin

b.?1778 in.? m.? in.? Marie Joseph Thom b.?1781 in.? d.?1851 in.? bur.? Gabriel died? 1844 in.? bur.?

i. Jean Renquin b.? 1807
ii. Gabriel Renquin b.June 25, 1811


Gabriel Renquin

b. June 25, 1811 in. Neerheylissem, Belgium m. August 28, 1834 in. Neerheylissem Florence F(o)umael b. June 13, 1811 in. Neerheylissem, Belgium d. January 18, 1885 in. Neerheylissem, Belgium Gabriel died April 14, 1867 in. Neerheylissem, Belgium

i. Raphael Renquin b. December 20, 1831 He settled in Wisconsin
ii. Jean Michel Renquin b. October 21, 1835
iii. Sans Renquin b. August 8, 1838(died same day)
iv. Jean Baptiste Renquin b. August 4, 1839
v. Celestine Renquin b. December 14, 1842
vi. Amelie Renquin b. May 31, 1846
vii. Leandre Renquin b. February 18, 1849 His grandson George Renquin is doing a lot of Research in Belgium.
viii. Clementine Renquin b. October 23, 1852


Jean Michel Renquin

b. October 21, 1835 in. Neerheylissem, Belgium m.? in? Marie Henriette ? b. October 21, 1839 in. Bierge, Belgium d. February 11, 1909 in.? Jean Michel died September 29, 1902 in.?

i. Leandre Renquin b. August 9, 1878

Pilgrim Father

Leander Renquin

b.August 9, 1878 in. Biourge, Belgium m. February 12, 1901 in Orgeo, Belgium Marie Henriette (Amelie) Gregoire b. July 2, 1879 in.Biourge, Belgium d. April 14, 1965 in. Valley Falls, RI bur.? Leander died November 15, 1956 in. Valley Falls, RI bur.?

i. John ? Renquin b.October 3, 1901
ii. Leander ? Renquin b. June 3, 1903/5?
iii. Omer Joseph Renquin b. June 10/17?, 1905
iv. Edward ? Renquin b.May 12, 1907
v. Emily ? Renquin b. June 21, 1908
vi. Marie ? Renquin b.August 23, 1911

Generation Two

Jean (John) Renquin

b. October 3, 1901 in.? m.? in. Bertha? b.? in.? d.? bur.? John died near Boston, MA bur.?

Leander ? Renquin

b. June 3, 1903 in.Biourge, Belgium m.? in. Mary McCarthy b.? d.? in.? Leander died ? in. RI bur.?

i. Joseph ? Renquin b.?
ii. Clare ? Renquin b.?
iii. Lawrence ? Renquin b.?
iv. Ann ? Renquin b.?
v. Maureen ? Renquin b.?

Omer Joseph Renquin

b. June 10/17, 1905. in. ?. m.? in.?. Catherine Winefred Heagney b.? in.? d.? Omer died ? in.? bur.?

i. Paul Gerald Renquin Sr. b. October 28, 1934
ii. Raymond Francis Renquin b.?
iii. Suzanne ? Renquin b.?
iv. Loretta ? Renquin b.?
v. Judith Adele Renquin b. February 21, 1943
vi. Bernadette Agnes Renquin b.?

Edward ? Renquin

b. May 12/17?, 1907 in.? m.? in.? Lilly? b.? in.? d.? bur.? Edward died March, 1985 in. RI. bur.?

Emily ? Renquin

Marie Amelie? b. June 21, 1908 in. m.? in.? Vit... b.? in? d.? Emely died?

Marie ? Renquin

b. August 23, 1911 in.? m.? in.? Frank? b.? in.? d.? Marie died?

Generation Three

Lawrence ? Renquin

b.? in.? m.? Nora ? b.? in.?

Lawrence is a VP for Electric Boat in CT.

Joseph L. Renquin

b.? in.? m.? in.? WIFE b.? in.?

Paul Gerald Renquin

b. October 28, 1934 in. Attleboro, MA m. March 21, 1957 in.? Patricia Anne Jewett b.April 10, 1937 in.?

i. Paul Gerald Renquin Jr. b. November 14, 1958
ii. Catherine Ramona Renquin b. November 27, 1959
iii. Scott David Renquin b. May 23, 1963

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Raymond Francis Renquin

b.?in.Attleboro, MA Raymond died? bur.?

(neice Catherine Ramona Renquin was named after her Uncle Raymond)

Suzanne ? Renquin

b.?in. Attleboro, MA m.? Paul ? St. Germaine b.? in.?

i. Bernadette ? St. Germaine b.?
ii. Raymond ? St. Germaine b.?

Loretta ? Renquin

b.? in. Attleboro, MA m.? in.? Eric ? Corriveau b.? in.?

i. Carole Ann Corriveau b.?
ii. Brian ? Corriveau b.?
iii. James ? Corriveau b.?
iv. Melissa M.? Corriveau b.?

Judith Adele Renquin

b. February 21, 1943 in. Attleboro, MA m.(1)? in.? Robert F. Lindberg b.? in.? m.(2) July 19, 1969 in.? Anthony Frank Drazak, JR b.? in.?

Children with Robert ? Lindberg
i. Michael Frederick Lindberg b.?
ii. Elizabeth Denise Lindberg b.?
iii. Patricia Ann Lindberg b.?
Children with Anthony ? Drazak
iv. Anthony Frank Drazak III b. August 29, 1970
Judith also has a step daughter named Suzanne Colacone(Drazek)

Bernadette ? Renquin

b.? in.? m.? Paul ?? b.? in.?

i. Kurt ?? b.?

Generation Four

Paul Gerald Renquin Jr.

b. November 14, 1958 in.Wiesbaden, Germany m. June 13, 1987 Elain Marie Mellon b. June, 14, 1962 in.? m.(2)? in. August 30, 1997 Julie Lyn Bergeron b. November 16, 1967 in.?

Children with Julie ? Bergeron
i. Paul Gerald Renquin III. b. November 15, 1996
ii. Connor Dee Renquin b. May 20, 1998

Catherine Ramona Renquin

b. November 27, 1959. in. Wiesbaden, Germany. m. October 31, 1981. in. Westbrook, Maine. Timothy Patrick Gallagher b. May 12, 1957 in.? m.(2) December 30, 1995. Portland, Maine. Matthew Martin Ryder b. August 15, 1970. in. Portland, Maine

Children with Timothy Patrick Gallagher
i. Shannah Leigh Gallagher b. March 27, 1982
ii. Alanna Meghan Gallagher b. April 27, 1984
iii. Colin Timothy Gallagher b. June 16, 1986
Children with Matthew Martin Ryder
iv. Brenna Aileen Ryder b. July 17, 1996
Click here for Matthew Martin Ryder's Home Page

Scott David Renquin

b. May 23, 1963 in. Attleboro Mass. d. September 28, 1998 in. Orlando, Fl. bur. June 26, 1999 St. Stephens Cemetry Attleboro, Mass.
Click here to learn more about Scott's disapearance

Bernadette ? St. Germaine

Raymond ? St. Germaine

Carole Ann Corriveau

b. April 1, 1963 in. Woodsocket, RI m. October 11, 1992 in. Melrose, ?? Peter Aurthur Zolla b. September 26, 1952 in.?

Carole Ann lives in Winthrop, MA. Her and Peter were married at St. Mary's Church.

Brian Eric Corriveau

b. September 16, 1965 in. Woonsocket, RI

Brian lives in Bellingham, ??

James ? Corriveau

b. July 13, 1967 in. Woonsocket, RI

James lives in Bellingham, ??

Melissa M.? Corriveau

b.? in.? m.? in.? ?Siekiera b.? in.?

i. Alissa ? Siekiera b.? in.?

Michael Frederick Lindberg

b.? in.? m.? in? Dawn ? b.? in.?

i. Michael ? Lindberg JR b.? in.?
ii. girl b.? in.?

Elizabeth Denise Lindberg

b.? in.? m.? in.? Burgess/Husband b.? in.?

i. girl b.? in.?
ii. girl b.? in.?

Patricia Ann Lindberg

b.? in.? m.? Robert ? Stamp b.? in.?

i. girl b.? in.?

Anthony F. Drazak III

b. August 28, 1970 in.?

Kurt ??