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The Jewett's

Matthew M. Ryder
Last updated 1/16/99
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When/Where were you married?
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Joseph Jewett
Odner Gaboury

i. Ernest ? Jewett b.?
ii. Herbert ? Jewett b.?
iii. Francis ? Jewett b.?
iv. Ethel ? Jewett b.
v. Eunis ? Jewett b.
vi. Robert ? Jewett b.?
vii. George ? Jewett b. ?
viii.Joseph ? Jewett b.

Herbert ? Jewett
Ida Sylvester

b. January 10, 1908 in.? m.? Ida ? Sylvester b.July 9, 1906 in.? d.(Ida Garrity) January ?, 1980 bur. St. Stephens, Attleboro, MA. m.(2) Alice ? b.? in.? died? bur.? Herbert died December ?, 1982 bur.?

i. Kathleen Evelyn Jewett b. November 29, 1926
ii. Dolores June Jewett b.? 1929?
iii. Patricia Anne Jewett b. April 10, 1937

Kathleen Evelyn Jewett

b. November 29, 1926 in.Attleboro, Mass. m.? Clarence ? Charon b.? in.?

i. Stephen Michael Charron b.?
ii. John ? Charon b.?
iii. Clarence ? Charon b.?
iv. Diane Evelyn Charon b.?
v. Theresa ? Charon b. February 27, 1955
vi. Daniel ? Charon b.?

Dolores June Jewett

b. June 4, 1929 in. Attleboro m.? George Washington Foley b.July 4, 1910 in.? d. June ?, 1976 bur.? Delores died April ?, 1988 bur.?

i. June Delores Foley b. August 5, ????

Patricia Anne Jewitt

b. April 10, 1937, in.? m. March 21, 1957 Paul Gerald Renquin Sr. b. November 14, 1958, in.?

i. Paul Gerald Renquin Jr. b. November 14, 1958
ii. Catherine Ramona Renquin b. November 27, 1959
iii. Scott David Renquin b. May 23, 1963

Dianne ? Charon

Teresa ? Charon

Daniel ? Charon

Clarence ? Charon

June Delores Foley

Paul Gerald Renquin Jr.

b. November 14, 1958 in Wiesbaden, Germany m. June 13, 1987 in. Newport, RI Elain Marie Mellon b. June 14, 1962 in. Attleboro, Mass. m.(2)August 30, 1997 in. Easton, Mass. Julie Lyn Bergeron b. November 16, 1967 in. Portland, Maine

Chrildren by Julie Bergeron
i. Paul Gerald Renquin III. b. November 15, 1996
ii. Connor Dee Renquin b. May 20, 1998

Catherine Ramona Renquin

b. November 27, 959 in. Wiesbaden, Germany m. October 31, 1981 in. Westbrook, Maine. Timothy Patrick Gallagher b. May 12, 1957 in. Portland, Maine m.(2) December 30, 1995 in. Portland, Maine. Matthew Martin Ryder b. August 15, 1970 in. Portland, Maine

Children with Timothy Patrick Gallagher
i. Shannah Leigh Gallagher b. March 27, 1982
ii. Alanna Meghan Gallagher b. April 27, 1984
iii. Colin Timothy Gallagher b. June 16, 1986
Children with Matthew Martin Ryder
iv. Brenna Aileen Ryder b. July 17, 1996

Scott David Renquin

b. May 23, 1963 in. Attleboro Mass. Missing since September 28, 1998