Spell to Rid Yourself of Something Negative
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Spell to Rid Yourself of Something Negative

Negativity in our life does us no good. This is a spell I personally wrote to post on my site to help others rid themselves of negative things.

One item that you will need for this spell is an object that you can burn and bury the ashes of. Say you have been trying to quit smoking; the object you may wish to use is a cigarette. If you get really stuck on what to use for an object, just write it on a piece of paper.

Another item that you will need for this spell is an object to represent you living in harmony. This can be a crystal or other peaceful gem that you like, One word about this spell -- It is not to be used to hurt, manipulate, or do any harm to anyone. Remember the Wiccan Rede -- An it harm none, do what you will. If your problem involves a person, try to get rid to the problem, not the person behind it. A binding spell will help you with a person-- but if your intent is harm or malice, you are prewarned -- it will come back to you.

Other than that, this spell helps when trying to rid yourself of addictions, unpleasent dreams or thoughts, self-esteem problems, illnesses, mental blocks, stress, and a myriad of other things in your life that you don't want.

Spell for Banishing Unwanted Things

Moon phase: Waning or Dark
Incense: Clove, mugwort, vervain, yarrow
Deities: Calliech, Macha, or the Morrigan; or see the list of deities
Items needed:

Sit at your altar and meditate on what is bothering you. Get it really clear in your mind what it is exactly that you want to get rid of. Sometimes it helps to write it down. Once you have a good focus on the problem, proceed with the spell.

Ground and center

Cast Circle

Call Quarters

Invoke the deity/deities you have chosen:

"Hail, oh mother/father __________,
I call upon you to aid me in this rite.
Come forth with your divine powers
To help me in my banishment of __________,
And to restore harmony to my life.
Harmony, without harm.
Blessed Be."

Take up the object representing harmony. Passing it through each element representation, (trough flame, incense, etc.) Say:

"I cast out all that is evil in you,
In any time or space,
Brightest Blessings of the Goddess and God
Cast on you with their holy Grace.
I name you harmony, harmony in my life regained,
Keeping you, I have harmony ever sustained.
Blessed Be."

Tie this object on the cord. Take up the object representing the problem, speaking to it as if it had ears with which to listen and hear you with:

"You are evil,
baneful, and unwanted!
By the time this spell is completed, you shall harm me no more!
Be it a moment, an hour, a moon cycle, a year,
When this spell takes effect you will truly disappear! I name you cast out, cast out of my life,
Burning you, you no longer mar me, and ended be all strife."

Light the black candle, saying:

"You are the means by which I am set free. Flame take you, baneful obstacle -- be cast out."

Tie this object to the other side of the cord. Now, holding the harmony object in your right hand and the problem object in your left, meditate on the problem being resolved, and harmony and balance taking over. Make a mind movie about being completely balanced and happy.

Still holding the two objects connected by the cord, raise them up as you make your visualizations very clear. Now bring the cord down to the flame, right to the middle, and let the flame, like scissors, cut the cord in half. The second that the cord is separated, say:

"I am set free,
No longer bound,
Harm cast away,
Harmony refound."

Now, light sticks in the cauldron (or other vessel you have chosen to burn the object in.) Put the problem object in the cauldron, and let it burn to ashes. Continue your mind movie, visualizing the harm being "burned" away, and harmony and happiness in your life. You may wish to use the chant above ("I am set free, no longer bound...")

When the object is thoroughly burned away, put out the fire in the cauldron (you can snuff it out, or you may wish to douse it with holy water, as to "drown" the problem to non-exsistance.)

Take the ashes, and put them into a container (covered with a black cloth.) Say:

"For the good of all
And harm to none,
So mote it be,
So be it done."

Thank deity/ies:

"I thank you, oh _________,
For aiding me this night.
Forever may I walk your path of light
And you shall show me the way.
Blessed Be."

Dismiss the Quarters

Take down the circle

Take the ashes outside and bury them, preferably off of your property. Keep the harmony object in your magickal cabinet or even on your altar. Whenever there is something bothering you, meditate on the restoration of harmony with the object -- it will help you.

Blessed Be!

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