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Three candles that illume every darkness:
Truth, Nature, and Knowledge

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A Message for All Who Enter Here:

When I first created Cyranna's Lair in 1997, I was a 14-year-old girl who had just barely begun her journey down the Pagan path and was exicited to share it with everyone. Much has transpired between then and now: I am 22, a college-graduate, a working woman. In July of 2004, was fortunate enough to begin training in a Traditional Alexandrian coven, and I am currently studying towards First Degree.

Most of what you will find today on Cyranna's Lair was posted within the first few months of its inception -- with nine years of solitary study and a little over a year of Traditional coven study behind me, I now feel that there is some infomation posted on Cyranna's Lair that is, well, incorrect. In the coming months, I will endeavor to correct some of the misinformation that I posted here as a teenager, and also post some new information.

That said, while I hope that you will glean much useful information from these pages, I also encourage you to do your own research, using GOOD sources. Please refer to my Recommenced Reading page for some excellent (and scholastically-sound) books. However, I now know that the BEST best way to learn our Craft is with a teacher. Surf to The Witches' Voice top locate a training coven near you.

What's New and Happening?

August 8, 2005

I have completely redeveloped my examination ofThe Thirteen Goals of the Witch. Believe me, I was embarrassed to read what I had written about them when I was 14...

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This page was created on the 8th of June, 1997
It was last updated March 27, 2004. Thank you for visiting Cyranna's Lair!

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