Crystal Countdown Into Alpha
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Crystal Countdown into Alpha

The Crystal Countdown is a mediation method taken from Laurie Cabot's book entitled, "Power of the Witch." It is a method based on Pythagorian principles of color and number, to "count down" into a trance-like state, called alpha. The Alpha State is a physically-measurable change in one's state of consciousness; in this state, your brain's activity is slowed from waking consciousness (called beta, at fourteen to thirty cycles per second) to the alpha state (brainwave activity at seven to fourteen cycles per second). You move in and out of alpha and beta thoughout the day unconsciously; the alpha state accompanies television watching and those few moments before you fall asleep. In fact, you are already in or are entering the alpha state as you are reading this.

Alpha is the springboard for all psychic and magickal workings. The alpha state is the scientific basis for magick. When in this state, your intuitive senses are heightened and you can more effectively project the throught forms that make your magick possible.

Read through the entire Crystal Countdown meditation several times before you attempt to do it. Make sure you are familiar with all of the steps before you begin because you won't be able to stop in the middle to look at a sheet of paper.

Alpha Meditation

To put yourself into alpha, find a quiet place, sit down, get comfortable, close your eyes, and spend a minute or two breathing deeply and relaxing. Concentrate on your breath. You may wish to ground and center

When your energies feel centered, keep your eyes closed and with your Third Eye - your mind's eye - visualize an empty screen (like a television screen) about one foot in front and just above your eyelids.

You may notice your eyes fluttering a bit, even though they are closed. They may even tend to roll upward, as if that would help you see the screen better. Both are automatic reflexes because you have been trained to "see" only with your eyes open and fixed on the object you are viewing. What we are trying to do here is to train you to see with your mind. In time the fluttering will stop.

Next, see on the screen a red seven. If this won't appear clearly, try just a seven or just a red field. If you are having trouble with colors, recall some object that is the color you want to see; a red fire engine, an orange, a yellow banana. Practice this until you can get the field of color. Soon you will be able to put the seven on the red field and later a red seven itself.

Do not become discouraged. Remember, society had taught us that it is not natural to "see" with our eyes closed or that only dreams and hallucinations - things that are not real - appear when we close our eyes.

When you see the red seven, hold it for a moment and release it. Then bring up an orange six, hold it, and release. Then proceed downward through the spectrum of colors: a yellow five, a green four, a blue three, an indigo two, and a violet one.

The indigo two is actually a deeper color and lower level than you need, so when the lighter violet comes up, you may sense your awareness lift ever so slightly. Once you settle into violet, count down from ten to one without colors to deepen the alpha state. Then mentally say to yourself with conviction, something along the lines of, "I am now in alpha, and everything I do will be accurate and correct, and this is so."

At this point, you will perform the task you have decided upon. It may be a meditation, creative visualization, even a working or ritual at your astral altar or temple. I have done several workings at an astral temple I keep that have proven successful.

When you have finished your task and wish to return to what science calls beta level brain waves, that is, normal waking consciousness, erase what is on the screen with your hands. Then while still in alpha, and with your eyes closed, give yourself total health clearance. Place your hand about six inches above your head, palm downward. Then in one smooth swoop, bring your hand down in front of your face, chest, and stomach while turning your palm outward and pushing away from you. Say to yourself, "I am healing myself and giving myself total health clearance." This must be done every time you prepare to come out of the alpha state. By this simple procedure, you will clear away any harmful energies that may be present, and you will project an image of yourself as strong and healthy.

Next, count slowly from one to ten, and then one to seven. You do not need to use the colors because they will converge on their own as you open your eyes.

Practice will help your visualiation skills sharpen, so I suggest practicing this exercise several times. When you have counted down, try visualizing simple shapes. Then make it more complex by giving them dimention, and then try handling them. Use all of your senses when doing this exercise. When you are comfortable with this, go on to more complex things, such as meditations, astral workings, and other things that alpha may be used for. You will find it will help you relax and give you confidence in your magick, which is vital. If you are afraid that something will go wrong, something probably will. You must believe in yourself.

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