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Welcome to the Legacy Library!

All forms of writing are welcome! Original and fanfiction! You can submit poems and/or stories as well! There are mainly Choose Your Own Adventures here now, but I hope that Legacy will grow! There are some guidelines for submitting stories, but I think you'll see that I'm very easy to work with! Also, if you are under 13 please do not read the stories with the PG13 rating or higher, like wise if you are under 18 please do not read R-rated stories, thank you! Now, take care and enjoy!

LASTEST UPDATE: 4.16.05 Todays Date :

Finally some updates! Well I've been trying to redesign the site AGAIN and trying to fix html problems with current stories so that's what has taken me so long to post new stuff. For some reason the spacing was all wiggy in Dark Phoenix's "The Heart of a Vampyre", it was going off the page and although I spaced between paragraphs it wasn't translating as such to the site... some chapters did this, others didn't. Weird. So, I've mainly fixed "The Heart of a Vampyre" as far as Html problems, if you notice any in other stories please bring it to my attention! I also added Chapter 7 of "The Heart of a Vampyre"! Chapter 8 will be posted soon, some editing is still going on so the link from Chapter 7 is broken.

Also new is another Senario by Dark Phoenix (Thank you!) for the CYOA "Alone"! And I've added three brand new CYOAs (a red '*NEW*' beside them, below) "Well That's Just Creepy", "On the Run", and "High On Life". I hope that you enjoy them and I hope to see more senarios submitted soon! ;) I apologize for the late update! Please keep an eye out for new senarios within the next few weeks! Thanks, take care and enjoy! ^_^y


"The Heart of a Vampyre"

Written By: Dark Phoenix

(On-going Fan Fiction - Rated R)

*NEW* Chapter 7 Posted! 8 to follow soon!

A regular story continuation from the Vampyre Chronicles, this story follows the tale of Drake, an old and powerful vampyre whom sires Chichi, a self-proclaimed vampyre hunter, seeing something unique and intriguing in her. Despite Chichi's struggles to come to terms with her devestating past, hatred for Vampyres and her future as the very thing she has come to loath, she must leave her pride and all she has come to believe in behind and seek guidance in Drake.


"Vampyre Chronicles"

Started by: Danni Vanstane

(Choose Your Own Adventure Story - Rated R)

Follow the story of two different Vampyres. One a powerful and ageless male... or the young female new blood struggling to deal with the sudden changes dealt to her!



Started By: Danni Vanstane

(Choose Your Own Adventure Story - Rated PG13)

*NEW* Senario added!

You are, well... alone. Starting off in the darkness knowing not where you are. Not an awfully original concept, but ah well :-P


"Well That's Just Creepy"

Started By: Danni Vanstane

(Choose Your Own Adventure Story - Rated PG13)

*NEW* Story!

Are you dreaming, or is the strange Sci-fi world you wake up in your own? Are you man or robot? Whatever the answer, are you on the right side?


"On The Run"

Started By: Danni Vanstane

(Choose Your Own Adventure Story - Rated PG13)

*NEW* Story!

You're after someone or something... or is it the other way around? Are you a hardnosed detective bent on putting someone behind bars; or are you on the other side of the law playing by your own rules? You decide!


"High On Life"

Started By: Danni Vanstane

(Choose Your Own Adventure Story - Rated PG13)

*NEW* Story!

Really... you're high. Well not really, but it certainly seems like it in this off the wall comedic story. Do you like candy? Do you like throwing candy? Sure, we all do! Now start whalin' on those unsuspecting rapscallions!


"Chill of the Grave"

Written By: Simon Christoffersen

(Complete Fictional Short Story - PG13)

Letenith, a high-elven scout leader, and his men are ordered to search their land for hostiles. In search of a band of Dark Elven Pirates who have been ravaging harbors and cities for a long time; rumors of entire villages disappearing without a trace...Is it the Dark Elves doing, or is there a power much greater lurking in the dark, preying on Letenith and his elven brothers? (*Takes place in the Warhammer Universe*)


Written By: Akumu

(On-going Fiction - PG13)

A romantic fantasy adventure of three girls who are gifted with special powers. They are the Chosen warriors to fight the evil that beseiges their world. The enemy, The Darkness, lives in the other realm. The girlsand their guardians must do all they can to stop the evil from taking over. Can they overcome desire, fear and the destiny they follow? Will their world be saved?


"If Love Were Only Part of the Equation"

Written By: K'Arthur

(On-going Fan Fiction - PG13)

If you like the Lunar video game series you will love this story! K'Arthur has done a wonderful job! - Four years after the fall of Vane Mia is trying to restore the city with help from Nash, but will trouble from the Prairie destroy all they've worked for? Find out! ^_-


"Who Killed Kiki?"

Written By: Danni Vanstane

(Choose Your Own Adventure Story - Rated PG13)

Who killed Kiki? And for that matter WHO IS Kiki? Why do you wake in your apartment covered in blood? It's up to you to find out!


"Stage Fright"

Started By: Whitewolfe

(Choose Your Own Adventure Story - Rated PG13)

Van is a day time soup opera actress at the peak of her profession; but will her jealous ex interfere with not only her career but her newfound chance at love?


"Love In The Fast Lane"

Started By: Whitewolfe

(Choose Your Own Adventure Story - Rated PG13)

One stormy night Crystal totals her car, running from things she'd rather never face again. A sexy stranger rescues her from the cold night with his deep eyes and warm embrace, but would it end before it even began? Or was there more to him than she could possibly imagine?


"Loves Reunion"

Started By: Whitewolfe

(Choose Your Own Adventure Story - Rated PG13)

Sam get's an invitation to her high school reunion, but is hesitant, torn between feelings haunting her from the past and someone new...


"Choose Your Own Romance"

Started by: Danni Vanstane

(Choose Your Own Adventure - Rated PG)

Follow along in the adventures of two teens trying to find love in all the wrong places! Or maybe they are the right places and they just don't know it yet!



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