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Freddie's Lost Zippo

from James F. Harrington

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These two jpg's depict an actual cigarette lighter that was brought back from either the China/Burma conflict, before WWII, or during WWII, or after WWII.

The front side shows the Tiger with the wings emblem of the Flying Tigers. The back shows an Indian Goddess. It was made out of silver, by the lost wax method. It is signed "Siam" on the bottom.

These jpg's make it look as if it's color is gold, but the color is actually silver.

This example was engraved "Freddy". I purchased this lighter, along with two others, from an antique dealer in North Carolina. One of the others had a first name engraved on it also. Both of these that had first names, had never been used. The third example, had been used however, and has the name Harold Harper engraved into it.

I believe that Harold Harper was attached to one of the Flying Tiger groups {before/during/after WWII }, and brought the other two home for friends or relatives.

I have sold all three of these items, but it was a pleasure to have held them in my hands, for ever since I was a very young boy, I have always admired the brave and outstanding exploits of the Flying Tigers.

sent in by James F. Harrington
...Ding Hao!

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