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"Skip" Zwieghaft 's B24 Memories

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This is a shot of Skip Zwieghart from the back at the waist gun of a B24, sent in by Skip's son, Steve ...Ding Hao!

Again dad is at the waist gun of a B24.

Another shot of my dad at the waist gun. Dad is wearing the backwards baseball cap.

This negative was badly over exposed, but you can just make out the P40 from the waist gun position of a B24. If you look really close, you will see that the P40 has the original 12 point, Nationalist Chinese star markings on the wings.

Several B24s parked on the ramp somewhere in India.

My dad is leaning on the prop of a B24, probably prior to a flight.

This is self explanatory. Look carefully and there is a native standing next to the P40 behind him.

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