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this thing was in tv guide in the november 7 issue, in some thing about young stars or whatever. blah.

LAURA PREPON--donna pinciotti, the sultry girl next door to eric (topher grace), on that 70's show, fox.
hometown: watchung, new jersey
credits:an mci commercial. "it was cool, i was a princess, and they actually put a bullfrog in my hands, and i had to kiss it".
hobbies:dance, tennis, horseback riding, piano "ashton is teaching me to play golf because that's big out here."
what she wears:"baggy pants, sweaters, and i love vintage shops. and i'm all about sneakers. i have five pairs of nike's."
what she watches:the simpsons, friends, and three's company, "but i can't find the reruns anywhere."
favorite movie:"harrison ford is da man, so anything he's in."
favorite musicians:pearl jam, janes addiction, beastie boys
favorite book:the hobbit, by j.r.r. tolkien

get the hell back