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laura prepon


let it be stated that this is the


web page devoted to laura prepon and only laura prepon.

welcome to the very first webpage devoted to laura prepon! right now this site isn't at it's largest because info on laura prepon is scarce. but soon it will be alot bigger.

who the hell is laura prepon?

well, laura prepon is a minor celebrity best known for her part as donna pinciotti on "that seventies show"
(sundays on fox).

other things she's credited for is her part as chloe on the majorly fu*ked up website/show "they go on"

laura prepon was raised in watchung, nj, a short distance from new york city. she began studying acting at age 15. she has always loved dance and has trained in ballet, modern, and jazz. she also loves tennis and plays it on her high school team. and she does gymanastics too and blah blah blah.

while she studied theater at the total theater lab in new york city, she appeared in numerous theatrical presentations, including "a woman of property" and "ascension day."

right now she like, goes in between l.a. and watchung or something now.
that's all the info i gots on laura prepon. that's all for now.



"that girl has some mouth on her"

tv guide profile

any comments or anything, mail

THIS PAGE WAS PUT UP ON AUGUST 28, 1998, created earlier

last updated october 1, 1998
by the way, this page won't be updated soon because my "online privelages" have been "revoked".and i "hear" that youre a real "geek" if you do "this".

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hehe, morgeg!morgeg! we need some more geg over 'ere! morganoff, sounds dirty...

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