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Hi! This is the wonderful Circle Unity webring that our very own Thierry created. To join this webring, here's the obvious, you gotta be a member of Circle Unity! Ok, follow these simple steps and belong to the most wanted and talked-about webring around!

Step 1: Fill out the form.

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Step 2: Place the HTML code on your page. The code can be found here

Step 3: Once you have the code somewhere on your page, email Mary-Lynnette with the exact address of the page the code has been placed on. (not the first page, but the exact page where the code can be found)

Step 4: If you ever need to edit any site information use this form.

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The list of all sites in this ring can be found here on the list page. The final webring should look like this:

Mary-Lynnette of Circle Unity
owns this site.
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