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Wills' Projects: STUBS and Franki/Earlgrey Linux

Reasons to Be Here

STUBS: Read All About It

Franki and Earlgrey Linux are small but usable (busybox+uClibc, execute-only-environment) linux distributions designed to demonstrate the full extent of STUBS, the Toolchain and Utility Build Suite.

What It Is

The STUBS Toolchain and Utility Build Suite is a set of scripts which, together with a set of pre-written configuration files, builds one or more software packages in sequence. STUBS is designed to work in very minimal environments -including those without 'make'- and URLs are included so source and patches can be downloaded as necessary. Configuration files and scripts are provided which create boot media for Franki/Earlgrey Linux (one of several example busybox- and uClibc-based Linux environments) and the intention is that STUBS should be able to rebuild such an environment from within itself.

What It Isn't

STUBS is not a replacement for 'make'; it assumes the dependencies any packages have will have been satisfied in advanced, i.e. the absense of software not yet built will abort the build, rather than automatically prompting the necessary builds. STUBS may be extended to reference Makefiles as well as scripts in the future, which will alleviate some instances where this is a problem.

STUBS: Announcements

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