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6.04.02--The beginning
There was once a time I was obsessed with creating sites. Yes, it probably has been nearly a year ago. Between then and now I've been very interested in forums (message boards) and thought they were great. I eventually made my own but had an extreme problem that couldn't be defeated. It was death. Death came over to my board and tried to defeat us. But we were able to last. To promote the site and provide information to users, The Portal 2002 has allied with The Mystical Realm to make it a team.

This site is under major construction (too many sites say that). Our main content will be on basic information about the board, maybe sometimes more content if we can grow. At the moment the following come to my mind:

  • ProBoards information (ProBoards is the system that powers The Mystical Realm and may include some of the following: ProBoards Search, information on available codes, FAQ, and general information.)
  • Linkage 2002/3000 (If not mentioned already, the Linkage 2002/3000 is obviously the links part of The Mystical Realm network. We already have a section being built at the moment.
  • Video Games- The Mystical Realm has some topics on video games, and some information can be possible. However, we strongly don't want the whole site on this. It just requires to much work and isn't a big goal for me to accomplish.
  • HTML--I might give some information on HTML.

These stated are just possible elements that might be added to The Portal 2002. Some of our site is already built and just needs to be linked, while much more needs to be worked on. We will determine more and we have more completed.

     Now you get more background information on The Mystical Realm. The Mystical Realm's URL is The site is administrated by me and another fellow member from another bulletin board called Video Game Chat ( We have many different topics such as video games, which you will hear throughout your visit at our community. We are currently accepting moderator positions as well as other benefits to our members. Some of the already existing elements of the page are:
  • The Mystical Realm (forum)
  • A top site of The Mystical Realm named Linkage 2002
  • A free for all links page
  • A search engine page
  • Frequently Asked Questions.
As The Portal 2002 in being built the following that are already existing will be expanded or recreated.

You may contact me via e-mail through the URL provided above. There are other ways to send comments, questions, or any other info you have to me. The message board is a great place to ask questions. You may also AIM me as

The mini-banners on the side of this site are members of ProBoards who traded with The Mystical Realm. They are presented to spark up the page.

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