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Company Profile

HERBS AND NATURE CORPORATION is a duly organized corporation with Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) registration No. 199912692. It received its official registration documents from the Commission in 1991. The company is capitalized at 5.0 million with 25% of its total subscribed capital entirely paid up as in its first quarter of operations.

Business Line

HERBS AND NATURE CORPORATION is a manufacturer and distributor of Brazilian made My-Marvel Taheebo Herbal Tea and Capsules. HNC also manufactures and distributes Liveraide Silymarin Capsule and Nature's Mist products: health soaps (papaya, cucumber, carrot, guava, avocado, dayap, tea tree), facial creams (whitening, anti-aging, cleansing) and facial toners (for dry, oily and normal skin).

Caroline V. Villegas, President and CEO has been involved in the processing and distribution of nature-based health products since 1990. She spearheaded the formation of My-Marvel Tea Inc. importer and major distributor of Taheebo Tea in the Philippines. She has been involved in a number of causes and activities, which support the development of nature-based health products.

The management team of HERBS AND NATURE CORPORATION is composed of very young and energetic professionals. The average of the team is 26 years with a combined industry experience of 36 years.

Company Vision

HERBS AND NATURE CORPORATION envisions itself to be a highly-professional organization engaged in the development and nationwide distribution of healthcare products intended for the benefit of the greater mass of our people.

Company Mission

HERBS AND NATURE CORPORATION shall actively support various researches intended to provide a holistic approach to better health, enable as many people to have access to such approach, and project the image of a good corporate citizen by participating in the various activities of the community.

You are here: About Us