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       I'm the oldest son in my family while my other siblings are all girl. That means I'm the only son in my family.

      People always confuse at me. They said I looked older than my real age. Some of them also described me as a mature person. But the thing is that I can think like what older people think.

     I was born on the 26th of March 1979. Now I'm 22 years old. I'm still doing my degree in one of the most respected University in Malaysia which is the oldest too.

      I'm a kind of person who can play most of the popular games like badminton, soccer, takraw, tennis, etc.. Usually when I have a free time I go to my friend's house and "LEPAK" there or listening to a new song with my guitar.

    I'm an internet-maniac. Sometimes i can surf up to 6 hours straight. That is why my telephone bill always up to RM 50 and above...but that doesn't scare me at all and I'm sure you are just like me...anyway that's the bottom line of this page cause you know why? Cause Stone Cold Said So. 3:16

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