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Mervyn's World

Contact: Johno76@yahoo.com

       This guy is my ex-housemate. He is the most recognizable person at home or anywhere else. He loves watching WWF. Maybe you can pay a visit to his page.

Teasing Baby

Alzin's page

contact: tialams@yahoo.co.uk

Well this guy is my partner in CANON and he is also my ex-housemate. He likes to play table tennis and soccer. He is 5' 5" and he is so damn handsome. Try to visit his page.

The great RedAljinz

Gracia's Underworld

mail to: e_bie@yahoo.com

She is a cute little girl and she's the nicest girl I have ever met. She is a school teacher. She was born in Sibu Sarawak.

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