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Fire Apparatus - Tankers

Tankers supply water to remote sites as well as serve as a pumper. Communities with heavily wooded areas, farms, or other locations lacking the normal urban (big city) fire water supply systems normally have tankers in their fleet of fire fighting equipment. Last updated July 8, 2002

Here's another interesting one from Amish country in southeast PA. The Intercourse Fire Company operates Tanker 4-4, a 1997 Kenworth/New Lexington. An interesting side note about Intercourse is they recently built a beautiful new station and in the design they built a 100,000+ gallon water storage tank under the station that provides plenty of water for tankers and pumpers to fill up from. All the water is rainwater collected from the downspouts off the roof of the station and its a great idea guys. It saves money and controls runoff.

Another fine piece from the Kent Island Volunteer Fire Company located on Kent Island, MD near Annapolis. This is a 2000 Pierce Dash with a 3000 gallon tank and a pumping capacity of 2250 gpm.

Laurel, Delaware, Station 81 entered their 1994 Pierce Lance tanker, Engine 81-5, in the Delaware state fire convention parade as seen here in Dover, DE.
(Click on image for full size view.)

This is a nice apparatus. Tanker 82-4 is a 2000 Pierce from Lewes, Delaware and really looks sharp in this shot taken in Federalsburg, MD at Federalsburg's parade.
(Click on image for full size view.)

One of the oldies of Limerick (PA) Fire Company's fleet is this very straight forward 1968 Ford/Hahn tanker. Check out the simple pump controls.

Lots of detail is seen in Magnolia (DE) Fire Company's 1979 Chevy Bison with a 1991 tanker trailer.
(Click on image for full size view.)

This 1972 Howe/GMC is a sharp addition to the Marion, NC Fire Department. There are some really nice lines on this one and the first one I have ever seen like this. It really looks great.

The Marydel (DE) Volunteer Fire Company operates this 1988 Hahn tanker which is a very large tanker for it's type and age.
(Click on image for full size view.)

This is another one of the monster tankers that can be found in Delaware. Odessa is located in New Castle county, not far from Middletown.
(Click on image for full size view.)

Port Penn (DE) Volunteer Fire Company's beautiful tanker seen here before the housing parade in Middletown, DE. This is a 1995 Saulsbury tanker.
(Click on image for full size view.)

Located on the Atlantic Ocean, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware is a very busy tourist seaside town. Rehoboth Beach Fire Company 86 has two stations, one downtown and the other along US-1. Believe it or not this tanker is a 1988 Grummen and it looks new. They really take care of their equipment in Delaware - great work guys.
(Click on image for full size view.)

Looking real sharp for a 1978 Ford F-9000 tanker this tanker belongs to Roebuck, SC fire department located in the northern part of South Carolina near Spartanburg. Note the curves on the tank now look at the next shot below of the other side of the same truck. Looks like two different trucks.

Here's a view of the right side or passenger side of Roebuck's tanker. Very nice truck guys.

Selbyville uses an unusual shade of yellow on their equipment as evident in this beautiful shot of their Volvo/Autocar tanker in Selbyville, DE.
(Click on image for full size view.)

Recent additon to the South Bowers Volunteer Fire Company is this 2002 Peterbilt tanker. A water cannon will be added to the walkway eventually. This is a first class tanker to say the least. Look for it on as a Code 3 one day.
(Click on image for full size view.)

Spruce Pine (NC) Fire Department operates this 1990 3D/Spartan cab tanker. The center controls are covered with the red tarp. As you can see the tanker appears to be ready for take-off with the steep incline out the back of the station.

It was no surprise to me when Townsend, DE won best appearing fire company at the Middletown (DE) station dedication and parade in October, 2000. Here is a beautiful example of some of the Macks that they operate. Its hard to believe that this beautiful tanker is a 1988 Mack. Keep up the good work guys. See Misc. page for closeup of grafic on rear door of tanker.
(Click on image for full size view.)

Another outstanding example of what there is to be found in West Grove, Pennsylvania. This is a 1989 Mack. We do not have too many tankers down in my part of the country so these are very interesting to me and others who scan through my site.

They call this area Smurfville for some reason. Matter of fact the apparatus have decals with one of the little blue smurfs on it. Westwood (PA) Fire Company, just outside of Coatsville, PA has a very nice selection of powder blue equipment, mostly Ford powered. This is their 1989 FMC tanker, Tanker 44-5.

I guess this is a leftover from earlier times but too good a truck to get rid of is this very interesting and in great shape 1979 Ford Custom Cab. The rear section behind the driver is fully enclosed and looks great.

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