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Photo Album
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About Me
Photo Album

Gallery 1

Here are some pictures not in any order at all. Click the thumbnail to see full-size picture, then use your browser's back button to return to this page.


My Mum and Dad at my graduation, June 2000

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Graduation June 2000

Rosemary 2000

My sister, Katrina

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Posing at a wedding

My Mum, Theresa and nephew, Dylan

Nephews Luke and Ewan

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erinImage04.jpg (29478 bytes)

Niece Erin with Dylan



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RMImage02.jpg (98236 bytes)

Ewan with his Dad, Joe

Bad hair day for Katrina

Posing again!

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Pictures from my friend's

wedding April 2001
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Rum and Eigg.jpg (20434 bytes)

Sunset over SkyeA.jpg (28957 bytes)

Sunset over Skye 2A.jpg (20115 bytes)

Rum and Eigg

Sunset over Skye, July 2000

Sunset over Skye II

Arisaig Highland Games A.jpg (21284 bytes)

Malaig HarbourA.jpg (30185 bytes)

Morning EiggA.jpg (14238 bytes)

Arisaig Highland Games

Mallaig Harbour

Morning over Eigg, from Arisaig

campsite1.jpg (34563 bytes)

Our Summer accommodation

rummy05.jpg (35721 bytes)

rummy04.jpg (33445 bytes)

charles.jpg (27469 bytes)

Erin on her 1st. lesson

6th May 2001 on 'Rummy' My sister, Katrina and brother, Charles, May 2001

erinhanah.jpg (30585 bytes)

ErinRyan.jpg (41934 bytes)

mob.jpg (34304 bytes)

Erin & Hannah, May 2001

Ewan, Erin & Ryan

Hannah, Ewan, Erin & Hamish

rosemaryImage02ab.jpg (27328 bytes)

Image09rat.jpg (31935 bytes)

Does my bum look big in this?

Me and my Mum, Theresa on a rare night out together

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