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August 10, 2001

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Rosemary's Links Page

Here are some links to sites and pages that I like. The community web site for the village of Chapelhall which is maintained by my sister's partner, Joe.
AARTINK A site on mosaic art and jewellery made by my sister, Katrina.
Joe's Web Joe Lally's web site.
New York Taxi Check out the Big Apple from a New York cabbie's perspective.
NASA Check out the latest on space guff.
DUBYA Say hello to the most scary guy on this planet....George 'Dubya' Bush in the Whitehouse
Library Ghost This library in America has a ghost. There are a number of cameras installed so see if you spot it. Personally I think its a good way of catching who's stealing books.
Glesga Banter See, know, the thing is man....... Check out the Neds.
brightweavings The authorised website for Guy Gavriel Kay
Unauthorised Guy Gavriel Kay site Not the authorised website for Guy Gavriel Kay

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