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How I Got Hooked

First of all, let me tell you whose fault this is. No, it's not mine - it's all Tallulah's fault. Seriously, hers. Ask her! After she saw the play in New Orleans a few years ago, she got a copy of the video. I loved it so much that I tried to get a copy of the video from my other friend. The copy didn't work, so I ended up just this past year getting my own copy of the video. It was the box set with the feature tape and The Making of CATS.

Prior to my acquiring the video, I watched it with Tallulah. I even borrowed her tape. It was about the summer of 2001 that I decided that I was going to do something for her birthday (in December, mind you - I was thinking WAY ahead here). I ended up compiling a 100+ page "book" of character profiles, creator profiles, video performer profiles, poems, song lyrics, pictures, trivia, and more. I titled it "Old Olivia's Ode To CATS" - a play of Old Possum's Book of Cats for which the play is based. (By the way, Olivia is my nickname.)

While I was working on this, I became more & more hooked. This thing's got me by the gills now and it's not letting go. And trust me, that's not a bad thing or anything. After I finished her gift I decided to launch a website. I put all the information from Old Olivia's Ode to CATS on here, and I'm still adding other stuff. (By the way, I gave her the gift on our way to Mobile, Al. to see CATS. To read about our trip, click here.)

At first, way back in late 2000 & early 2001 I was only interested in the video cast. But now that I've begun serious website construction, I've come to love other productions as well. My curiousity is caught in Broadway, London, and Hamburg. I just love seeing the differences in costumes (mainly from pictures). So, my website is going to grow continuously, no doubt about that, so here's what I've got to say to you: Come back, give me suggestions, tell me your stories, tell your friends about me, tell me your views on things (such as the families), and enjoy yourself! And yes, before you ask, help yourself to the pictures & whatever else. But if you do, a link to my page would be nice! :) Thanks! And I hope you enjoy CATS as much as I do!