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My Trip

Picture this: December 15th, 2001, Louisiana. It's my mother's birthday, so Tallulah brings a cake to my house when she comes to pick me up for our journey to Alabama. Her idea behind this? Trading the cake for me, and as my mother says, was a fair trade. I think she got the short end of the deal!

Anyways, Tallulah, her mom, and I all hopped in their big white truck and started off down the highway to Mobile. It took us about 2 & a half hours to get there, going at the speed we did. We left at about 3pm and got there 5:30pm. When we pulled into the parking lot of the hotel there was three or four big Hotard buses and a Ryder truck. Our first thought, or rather Tallulah's (I didn't really think all that much of it until she started talking about it), was that they belonged to the cast & crew since the Civic Center was just a block away. Turns out that they actually belonged to an Ohio high school band that was heading through on down to New Orleans.

We got to our room and chilled, turns out a, ahem, "possible honeymoon couple" (<-- Tallu's mom's words) was next to us. But we didn't hear anything we shouldn't have, thank goodness! Enough about that. We just chilled out there, watched some television, and then after we'd all gotten dressed, we walked over to the Civic Center.

When we got into the Center, I felt slightly underdressed. The three of us were all wearing pants, although their's were black and mine were red, beige & black plaid. I had on a black shirt, boots, and my high school band jacket. Next to these women with freaking prom dressed on I felt REALLY out of place. But ya know it's all good because I'm never going to see the other people in that audience again. But I digress.

Before we were seated we checked out the souvenir booth. Tallulah & I both got shirts, the ones that says "CATS" on the front & have the eyes on the back. Then we head to our seats.

We had "limited view" seats, so we could only see half of the stage (stage left), but we knew what was going on, so we weren't completely lost or anything. I was totally amazed when I saw the performers up close when they were in the aisle. I could hardly resist the urge to reach out and touch them on the arm. I did resist, but gosh I really wanted to. They probably would've hauled me off for being some crazed lunatic or something. And yet again, I digress.

The tour we saw was the 5th National, and it was totally awesome. Mistoffelees was great, but of course I'd probably say that anyway. Umm, the only thing I couldn't get past was Tugger's voice. The guy was great & all, but his voice. I guess I was just so used to the Partridge's voice (from the video), but it was still totally awesome. The guy that sat behind us (we were in about the 4th row) was talking at intermission & saying that people were coming in here expecting the video. I admit, at some parts I was thinking, man I like this part better in the video, but ya know what? IT WAS AWESOME LIVE! Just thought I'd get that across.

I definitely liked how they didn't have the cat paw & that the tire flew instead, that was much better. Actually, the paw just scares me. And the lights, yeah, that was awesome. There was one thing that aggravated me throughout the whole thing - I could not find the orchestra for the life of me! I thought at first that they were up in the room, but no, because a) couldn't see a conductor, b) it was a small room, c) sound echoes off walls... I seem to have a digression problem. But anyway, after the play, we headed to the stage door.

We actually, or rather, I actually had to ask a guard where the stage door was, and by the time we'd gotten there we'd missed a few people. They must've just sprinted out of there. But anyway, we caught jennyanydots, munkustrap, pouncival & jellylorum & I'm sure a few more, but I can't remember right now. Tallulah had made cards for Jenny & Jelly for Christmas. The girls just loved it! Gosh, Tallulah's such a good artist that they could've passed as professional. Oh, hehe, Munkustrap (aka Mike Ericson - who is REALLY tall by the way) pulled a chocolate chip cookie out of his jeans pocket while he was standing next to me. hehehe. I thought that was the absolute funniest thing. Anyway, the orchestra thing was still bothering me at that point so I actually asked ?(it was either Pouncival or Mungojerrie) where the orchestra was at. Duh, Quaxo, they were backstage. Now why didn't I figure that out? It makes purrfect sense! Actually, it crossed my mind but I didn't seriously consider it. Tallulah & I were actually the oldest people out there (besides parents, of course). The rest of the people were about 6 years old... Tallulah & I ranking in at 16 (although almost 17) & 17, respectively, felt really outta place. I seem to have been doing good at that that night.

Anyway, after the stage door guy said everyone had left (we'd missed Mistoffelees!), we headed back to the hotel to drop our stuff off. Of course, there were teenagers walking around, or rather running & screaming around, in tank tops & shorts, shoe-less & the whole 9 yards. And you know what I said? "Those are definitely band members." Who else would be running around close to midnight in December in tank tops & shorts? Band members only. :) No offense to anyone!

We were hungry at that point so we hopped in the truck & drove around trying to find somewhere to eat that was open at midnight. We eventually went back to the hotel, parked, and walked to Hero's Sports Bar. Yeah, well, they let underage people in only when they're still serving food, which they were. Their beer list was obscene! Gosh.. They even had Czech. beer.. At any rate, we eventually started heading back to the hotel, but on our way we saw this guy with his head bashed in. Looked like he'd gotten in a fight. Ouch. Hehe, and you know what? On our way to the bar, we saw these guys sitting in a hot tub, ahem, totally lacking in the clothing area. Thankfully they weren't walking around and they had their backs to us. The only reason we knew they were clothless is because one of them was sitting on the side of the hot tub. Can we say Tallulah told me not to look but I did anyway?

At any rate, we eventually did get back to the hotel room, in one piece & everything, and we crashed. The next day we headed home without much incident. It was a wonderful trip & definitely worth it!!!!!