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Terms And Conditions

We recognize that teaching and teaching materials are under- funded everywhere. This is almost a condition of the profession. The resulting reality is that too often materials are not available, or are
insufficiently available in the classroom. We are committed to doing what we can to address this problem.

Our dedication to producing quality materials for the classroom is equaled by our commitment to hold our operating costs to the minimum and to offer our materials at the minimum prices possible. 

Until school budgets get the priority they deserve, a low cost, low price policy is our best answer to under-funding. 

Unauthorized copying of teaching materials is the wrong answer to under-funding. To serve teachers and learners, we must stay in business, keep current titles in print, and create, develop, and produce new materials. Even at best, this is an expensive process.

Keeping our prices low requires a cooperative response from teachers. Unauthorized copying of copyrighted teaching materials is not only illegal, it destroys the availability of good teaching materials.

Copying may be motivated by noble intentions, but it is devastatingly counterproductive. It robs future students of the chance to learn because it undermines the ability of teachers and publishers to create new
materials, or even to reprint existing titles. Copying will make texts disappear from classrooms just as surely as budget cuts do.

As partners in the profession, we must understand this and agree that unauthorized copying is wrong for everyone.

We will support flexibility in the classroom for teachers and learners by providing supplementary materials for which copying is authorized.

Our Teacherís Resource Books for our Basic ESL Series are designed to supplement the material in the Student
Workbooks. These supplementary materials provide additional exercises and activities, with varying levels of difficulty,
for each lesson.

These Resource Books are just that -- a resource that the teacher can draw on to achieve the desired objectives of
each lesson. They give the teacher a vehicle to be even more creative and responsive to the needs of each individual

Exercises in our Resource Books are provided in 3 ring binders and are intended to be copied for classroom use.



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