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Please note that this web site is still very much under construction!! There are several areas which still have no content as of yet, so please check back often as we're continually working on it.

DC's Game Farm
Home of the Sport Of Kings Webring!

Big Boy

When we first started this website, it was really for one purpose show off some of my favorite birds! Since then my wife, Leah, has decided that, instead of putting up a separate site of her own, she'd like this site to be a mixture of both of us, hence the "HTML Help" and "Fun Stuff" links, among others. So, come on in and have a look around...sit a spell. We've got everything from Gamefowl (obviously) to Cajun music, so you should be able to find something you like. Unfortunately, at this time I don't have the large number of gamefowl I usually have, thanks to a thriving varmit population, but I've got a pretty good "crop" coming up, so we'll have more pictures up soon.

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