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"Tune in Tomorrow"
written by Teena Marie & Mickey Hearn
©1980 Jobete Music Co., Inc. (ASCAP)

Tune in tomorrow
What do we do now, honey
Now that we know how to love
Shall we start again remembering
Now that we've played the game
now that we've changed the name
Tune in tomorrow

What did we do then, lover
Where did we fit in with fate
Shall we start again on one thin line
between such love and hate
I'm gonna have my cake
When I tune in tomorrow

Am I to take the hurt apart and show you what
it's done to me
Shall I read your life story, my love,
starting out with how it used to be
When love was new
You and I are just one soap box opera
from saying goodbye to yesterday
Tune in tomorrow
same time, same place

What do I do now, daddy
now that I know how to cry
Shall I laugh it off sarcastically
or should I draw the line
I really ought to blow your mind this time
This time tomorrow

What do we do now, my love, what did we do then
Shall we start again, my love, from jump street, baby
Now that I'm beat, tune in tomorrow
I don't need a T.V. cause I got enough to
grieve me till tomorrow, sugar
Tune in tomorrow, channel one through fifty-four
and I can't take this mess no more
Maybe that will express what I been going through
Ooh daddy daddy, little mamma is just too through
Tune in tomorrow any station you so desire
It doesn't really matter, baby, cause Tee Tee is gonna light your fire

Lyrics have been reprinted here for informational resource purposes only.

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