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AudioActive 966k 1.3
Nad MP3 Player 128k 0.93
Vibe 434k 1.0
Sonique 440k beta
WinAmp 2.0 beta 261k 2.0beta
WinAmp 425k 1.92
DosAmp 106K 0.8
MacAmp 469K 1.0
Winplay 983K 2.3
Win Play Hot 336k -


MP3 Maker 1950k 1.7b
Producer Professional 1060K 1.3
NexEncode 2.8mb 1a
XingTech Encoder 3735k 2.10c
mpegEnc 316K .07


AudioGrabber 725k 1.10
CD Copy 700k 4.000
Gold Wave 521k 3.24
CDDA 32 163k 1.0
CDDA 99k 1.7
DAC 344k 2.3
Disk-At-Once 775k 3.34a
Dido 60k 4
NexEncode 2.8mb 1a
WinDAC 32 292k 1.41


Music Match - Intigrated CD RIPPER, MP3 ENCODER/PLAYER 6202k 1

FTP Clients

FXP - transfer files from ftp to ftp with this 483k -
Ws_Ftp - run of the mill ftp program 238k -
CuteFTP 823k 2.32


Alarm Clock MP3 210k 2
GetRight for Windows 95 - resume d/ls with this - GET - THIS - NOW -1.0mb3.2
GetRight 3.2 reg code- use this to register getright! just type in the reg code key mentioned in the text file after youinstall the above version-2k3.2
MP3 Info-Extension 65k -
MP3 Info 97 860k 2.2
UnCook95 - used to fix "scrambled" Mp3s 34k -
WinPlay 3 Colour Patches 211k -