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WinAmp - Standard Mode

WinAmp - WindowShade Mode

.: WinAMP 2.0 | Homepage :.
The world's most used MP3 player, and currently one of the best in the world. It supports skins, and there are 1000s of skins to choose from. Supports MP3, MP2, WAV, CDA, MOD and more. Version 2.0 has a new look and lots of great features, but is not as low on CPU usage as the older versions.

CPU usage: 7.3%

.: Kjofol 0.32 | Homepage :.
Kjofol is a player that has some great features. It supports resource files, just like skins (only better), and it fully supports VQF! (except for rewind/ff capability) Try out this gorgeous resource - Aluminotic. (screenshot)

CPU usage: 7.3% (MP3), 10.8% (VQF)

C-4 - Standard Mode

C-4 - Corner Mode

.: C-4 0.95 | Homepage :.

C-4 is a quite unknown player, but it has some really original features (like corner-mode) and doesnt lack any of the most essential features of a player. But currently it looks like shit (yea, really), and it doesnt have a cool visualization, so if extravaganza is what u are looking, for then get another player.

CPU usage: 11.7%

WPlay - Standard Mode

WPlay - WindowShade Mode

.: WPlay 1.70b1 | Homepage :.

WPlay is a fairly used player. It's kinda cool and has a few skin-features that arent available in other players, making the player look a little more alive. But it also lacks alot of features. It has no visualization and the CPU-usage isnt as low as it should be.

CPU usage: 8.3%

.: Digideck | Homepage :.
Digideck is a pretty new player that has grown very popular. It is currently one of the fastest players, and it is being devoloped all the time. It supports skins, but there are still many options missing. It has a VERY low CPU-usage, that is only beaten by Winamp. Get the program from their homepage.

CPU usage: 6.7%

.: JetAudio 3.12 | Homepage :.
This allround player supports a wide range of audioformats such as MP3, MP2, WAV, AIFF and many more. A nice stereo rack design that can become annoying after a while though. Big in filesize (3 mb!).

CPU usage: 10.8%

.: Unreal Player 1.28 | Homepage :.
This player has a nice look with a moving plasma like background. Supports many file types such as MP3, MOD and many more. Very confusing interface though...

CPU usage: 9.4%

.: YAMP 3.2 | Homepage :.

YAMP is a player with a few unique options, it supports skins, and the skins can be shaped as anything! This player is a little big in filesize, since there are so many skins included, but it's worth a download because of it's originality.

CPU usage: 17.5%

.: BitAAC 1.03 | Homepage :.
BitAAC is the first player for AAC-files (advanced audio coding). There are hardly any aac files available at the moment, which makes it uninteresting except for the hype factor. Its CPU-usage is enormous (partly due to aac's more advanced compression methods) and its user interface is horrible. There are absolutely no features that are worth mentioning in BitAAC, but if you want to play AAC's then this is the program for you!

CPU usage: 24.7% (AAC)

.: Soritong 0.93 | Homepage :.
Soritong is a player with an unusual looking interface, a superb equalizer, but unfortunately not much else. CPU usage is a little high, and the interface is absolutely not intuitive.

CPU usage: 10.1%

All CPU-usage-tests were made with Pbench on a PII 266/64 MB RAM running Win95, and playing a 128kbit/s 44kHz stereo MP3-file.
I admit it, all the graphics and info are direct from "Mp3 place"