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Nature Tripping in SOCSARGEN,
Southern Philippines

A Trek Up
Gumasa, Glan, Sarangani Province

look at this!

Above from left to right: Roy aka "Joji" Corpus, Hazelle (the Author), Roel and Lito (the non-low bat guy!)

S arangani Province which has 233 kilometers of coastline, with some stretches of white sand beaches. One of these is in Gumasa, Glan located at the southernmost point of the province.

The area is blessed with over a kilometer stretch of powdery white sand beach coves whose natural beauty is comparable to that of the world-class beaches in Boracay, Bohl and Zamboanga.

Under Gumasa's pristine waters of changing hues of blue thrive rich coral reefs are home to a wide variety of tropic fishes and marine flora.
(Source: Department of Tourism)

"The Story Behind the Scene"
9 April 1999 (Araw ng Kagitingan in the Philippines*)

We left General Santos City (located at the southernmost part of the Philippines) at about 8:45 AM.

At about 10:05 AM we reached the white sand beach. The travel wasn't really that long had we found the right place in time. But we almost got lost. We thought we're gonna reach the end point of southern Mindanao. We had mixed feelings of excitement, a pinch of fear and apprehension. Personally, I wasn't that bothered. But I worry about the kids (don't get me wrong, k? I ain't that old. But they're just a bit younger. :) who I felt were under my custody.

What if we'll run out of fuel? What if we got a flat tire? What if some strangers would stop us and grab all our stuffs? What are we gonna do? Other than scream, kick and shout? Yeah, I'm a black belt and Tae-kwon-do expert?! (I'm not really good at it) but for sure my magic stone can create miracles. But the thing was, I really can't keep that pinch of jitteries flying all over my head. We just noticed that the more we kept going on our way, it seems the ocean was going farther and farther. Oh alien, Lito (the "man of the hour" who never had a low-bat) can't resist the temptation of teasing Ching Ooopsss, sorry guys but I have to write this. Hey, I know it wasn't that easy. Afterall, LIFE is an ADVENTURE, right? That we were on!

We haven't made any plan for the activity. We just thought it would be great to spend sometime somewhere outside the city. The original idea was to go to Lake Sebu which is about an hour and forty-five minutes away from General Santos City. But every member of the Adventure Team (i.e. Lito, Ching, Roel and the Author, Roy was a PLUS!) seemed apprehensive. Fear that we might get stuck somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

Bingo! Till finally, we decided going to Gumasa beaches would be a better alternative.

Hey, if you wanna go there you don't have to sign a four-digit check. You don't even need a big sum of money to explore the island. What you need is just some packs of food stuff to munch on. A few bottles of mineral water to quench your thirst. Less than a hundred bucks will do so you can enjoy those fresh octopus and some other fresh sea creatures. Yummy!

Gumasa beaches is one of the most unspoiled tourist destination in Southern Philippines. Many foreign investors intend to put up a big amount in the area. Most neighbouring places are hoping the project would get started to help our sinking economy. However, some natives of the place cannot afford to give up on their strong sentiments for the area. The only treasure left them by their beloved ancestors.

*It's a non-working holiday. Formerly known as "Fall of Bataan."

"We can never replace a FRIEND.
When a man is FORTUNATE enough to have several, he finds they are all different.
No one has a double in FRIENDSHIP."

Roy's Page will give you some insights on few things you need to know about Gumasa beaches, how the caves came into being, how to enjoy LIFE and some few things you need to know about Mother Nature.

Hazelle builds this page for a group of friends. Hazelle is a melancholic type of person, God-fearing, hyper-active, idealistic, and a fun-loving environmentalist. She's a person who doesn't settle for anything less, she knows she can have the BEST! The Associate Editor of SPIRE (Mindanao State University- High School Official Publication) in 1990-1991 and Community Development Editor of VOICE, Notre Dame of Dadiangas College Official Organ in 1993-1995, a Project Officer and Environmental Management Researcher in Department of Agriculture, South Cotabato, Sarangani and General Santos City, (SOCSARGEN) Project Management Unit, Area Development Project, General Santos City. You can reach her via e-mail at:

If we trace back the history of caves, we'll discover that one of the first caves that came into existence was Carlsbad Caverns. It had its beginnings some 60,000,000 years ago, long before two-legged creatures walked on earth. As rains poured down and rivers flowed, the solid rock of the cave-to-be was slowly eaten away.

Based on what Dorothy Sterling wrote in one of her books, "The Story of Caves," a special kind of rock was found in Carlsbad, that was limestone. Limestone is a fairly soft rock, can be dissolved by a weak acid. The acid that dissolves away limestone comes from rainwater. Falling drops of rain pick up carbon dioxide from the air and from the soil. This CO2 changes the rainwater into carbonic acid. You must be familiar with this because that's what you get from sipping that soda drink. Anything carbonic for that matter. (The fizzy bubbles contain carbon dioxide.)

Over millions of years Carsbad Cavers, the most spectacular system of caverns in North America (established in 1930) took shape. As long as water filled its tunnels and flowed through its rock-walled rooms, it grew bigger and bigger.

"How rare and wonderful is that flash of a moment when we realize we have discovered a friend."

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