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The Story Behind

Roy's Cool Shots

Lost in the Wilderness


Thing Called "Spelunking"

Roel Captures the
Essence of Adventure

Hazelle, the Author

Island Hopping Adventure

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Trip to Lake Sebu, Philippines

Things that I've Learned

Iíve learned that it takes
years to build trust
and only seconds to destroy it.

I've learned that you shouldn't
compare yourself
to the best others can do,
but to the best you can do.

I've learned that no matter how
thin you slice it,
there are always two sides.

I've learned that there are people
who love you dearly,
but just don't know how to show it.

I've learned that true friendship
continues to grow
even over the longest distance.
Same goes for true love.

I've learned that just because
someone doesn't
love you the way you love
them doesn't mean
they don't love you
with all they have.

I've learned that no
matter how good a friend is,
they're going to hurt
you every once in a
while and you must
forgive them for that.

I've learned that no matter
how bad your heart is broken,
the world doesn't stop for
your grief.

I've learned that just because
two people argue,
it doesn't mean they don't
love each other.
And just because they don't argue,
it doesn't mean they do.

I've learned that two people
can look at the exact same thing
and see something totally

I've learned that no matter
the consequences,
those who are honest with
themselves get farther in life.

I've learned that even when
you think you have no more to give,
when a friend cries out to you,
you will find the strength to help.

I've learned that writing,
as well as talking,
can ease emotional pains.


a rugged terrain

Moving On...

Guys, it's FUN to be in the SAME DECADE
with YOU!

Above (from left): Hazelle, Roel, Roy & Lito
Keep on dreamin'.
Broaden your horizons and turn your place into paradise.

So you think you are cool enough to perform some silly stunts? Think again.

In the pic above, the guys got a case of giggles!
The camera man must look real funny. Ooops, sowie Roel. :)

Lito, Ching & Roy - ready one, two, sing it boys!
These are three outgoing, cute? and talented gentlemen.
What could be more FUN than having these 3 musketeers in a gang?