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The Paul Johnson                              Celtic Supporters Club    Monaghan, Ireland   

cup.gif (67030 bytes) The Paul Johnson Celtic Supporters Club is based in Monaghan, Ireland. The club has almost 200 members and over 20 shareholders and season ticket holders. We make trips to almost every home game and many away games.

Our club takes its name after one of its founding members and leading lights, the late Paul Johnson. We meet regularly every Thursday night at the Beehive Bar in Monaghan.

The club was formed back in season 91/92. In those days the club was known as Monaghan No. 1 CSC. Also at this time, the club formed a friendship with St. Peter's CSC, Belfast, who gave the then committee advice about running the club. Many thanks Paddy K, Paddy G, and Seamie. The following season the club was registered at Celtic Park. In season 96/97 the club changed its name to the Pope's XI CSC, Monaghan


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