3rd Edition Dungeons & Dragons
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3rd Edition Dungeons & Dragons


Welcome to the Age of Charlemagne Play by e-mail (PbeM) Game. The current PCs involved in this game are linked below. This is a campaign set in the time of Charlemagne and his ideal Holy Roman Empire. The PCs fight on the side of Charlemagne, and seek to uphold his honorable rule over "civilized" Europe.

This is a time when great heroes are needed and called upon to do deeds legends are born from. The forces of darkness would see the glorious Empire Charlemagne has created fall, plunging the world into an Age of Darkness. Although things arcane are rare, and the influence of the divine is often reduced to superstition, these forces do exist both for good and for evil. They battle, often unseen by the common man, over the many hidden secrets of the Earth, secrets like: The Great Stone Circles dotting the planet, Stone Henge being the most famous; The Great Pyramid in Egypt, currently under Saracen rule; and the legend of the lost City of Atlantis, believed to be the place from where the elven race first came.

The Paladins of Charlemagne, the Knights of the North, the Circle of Magic, the Holy Catholic Church, the Assassins, Allah's Champions, the Defenders of Jerusalem, and many other groups all strive to impose their will upon the world, and the great kingdoms clash in constant wars of invasion, crusade or jihad.

Linked below are the current main PCs and their followers. In time, an archive of their adventures will be posted here as well. If you are interested in joining, e-mail me.

Bowen & Lionheart
Bowen's Cohort: Qualin
Bowen's Animal Companions: Alpha & Misha
Damian & Crusader
Damian's Cohort: Justin & Strider
Ethanius & Eagle Eyes
Starfire & Oakroll
Starfire's Cohort: Brea
Starfire's Animal Companion: Marina
NPC: Derringer

Email: larryhunsaker@attbi.com