The ABCs of Sunnydale

Holly Charleston:

Debut -- Homecoming (Season 3)

Last Seen -- Same Episode

Holly Charleston's one of the chicks vying for the title of Homecoming Queen. According to Buffy's dry-erase/whiteboard information, Holly's strengths include:

Her weaknesses include being introverted and having no friends. Cordy has more information about the competition...she tells Xander and Willow that Holly is nice, but braindead. Hm.

Apparently the student body who voted didn't agree with these assessments. They voted Holly as one of the homecoming queens. Yeesh.

Say...wonder if the Scooby Gang's guilt led them to vote for this chick?

Michelle Blake:

Debut -- Homecoming (Season 3)

Last Seen -- Same Episode

Michelle's also one of the four chicks campaigning to be Homecoming Queen. Buffy's 411 on this chick is vast...well, actually I could only see this part of the whiteboard better, but hey.

Strengths Weaknesses
Yearbook editor Bad skin
Nice Wears polyester
Good cook PB-crazed
Friendly Never studies
Athletic Too much makeup
Popular Cheerleader

If we believe Cordy, then it's true that Michelle dates a lot of guys, mostly jocks, especially if they have cars. Yag. So it could be true that Michelle, not Cordy, is a vapid whore..? Either way, she shares the tiara with Holly Charleston, as she also won the title of Homecoming Queen...much to Buffy's and Cordy's dismay.

Again, gotta wonder if the gang voted for this chick, too, when they were reeling from the impaired group dynamics.

What's the PB Deal?

The "pb-crazed" is most likely a reference to the Posting Board at the official site for the show. If you haven't been (and gosh, I haven't been there in a loong time myself), why not check it out? The last pb reference (that I'm aware of anyway) was in the episode Bad Eggs, on the chalkboard in the lab.

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