The ABCs of Sunnydale

Angel Broods Daryl Epps:

Debut -- Some Assembly Required (Season 2)

Died Same Episode

Daryl Epps is an interesting character, sorta. Especially since I didn't like his episode...Anyhoo, he's the older brother of Chris, and he was one of the best players on the Sunnydale football team.

Here's the deal: Daryl died in a rock climbing accident. But science whiz and devoted younger brother brought him back to life. Granted, Daryl's reanimation didn't improve his looks -- stitches and metal parts, oh my -- so Daryl took on the life of a homebody. I don't even think his mother knew that he'd been reanimated. Anyway..being that much of a homebody tends to make one lonely, so Daryl told Chris to make him a girlfriend.

Daryl chose Cordy's face to adorn the body of his Frankensteinian bride-to-be. Okay, so it almost came to pass...but it didn't, thankfully.

Daryl died for the second time when he tried to save the body of his bride-to-be from a fire. Dang. That guy had some bad karma, you know?

More about Daryl:

1. If we can trust Willow, Daryl was a running..a running..someone who ran. I'm thinking running back.
2. He was MVP one year and was All-City.
3. All the chicks dug him, Cordy included.
4. He made 4 touchdowns in one game.
5. He was definitely the mom's favorite.

Dodd Dodd McAlvy:

Debut -- Go Fish (Season 2)

"Died" Same Episode

Dodd's the star swimmer of the Sunnydale Swim Team, and he's blowing off a little steam at the beach party to celebrate the team's victory. That's fine, I guess. But then he starts tormenting Jonathan -- Jonathan wants to be on the swim team so maybe Dodd thinks he's being helpful by shoving the kid's face in a bucket of ice water. Kind of like bobbing for...air?

Anyhoo, he gets a bit annoyed when Buffy steps in to save Jonathan, and then he and fellow swim member Gage go walking along the beach. When Gage turns around, Dodd's gone, and Gage notices some kind of fishy aroma. He doesn't glimpse Dodd's remains..good thing. It's pretty gross.

Dodd's the first swimmer to go halibut; it seems that the best swimmers go first as a result of that fish DNA steroid thing that Coach Marin put into their steam treatments. Kinda gives The Old Man and The Sea a new meaning, eh?

Anyhoo, Dodd's life as a fish probably isn't the greatest. I mean, he ate Nurse Greenliegh, and possibly the Coach, too.

Dodd's last seen swimming in the ocean with his other fish-mates.

Dodd's Victory Speech?:

Dodd: "I can't believe Buffy! Man, that girl gives me the creeps!" -- to Gage, after Buffy's rescue attempt.

Drusilla, pre-vamp Doug Perry:

Debut -- Becoming part I (Season 2)

Died Same Episode

Doug Perry's the curator of the Sunnydale Museum. Or he was...Anyhoo, he'd gotten a relic which had writing on it that he couldn't decipher, so he called in Giles for some assistance.

When Giles arrives and asks what Perry knows about it, or if he's been able to date it, Perry tells him he's "gonna go out on a limb and say old." Giles asks if they tried to open the door of this ancient stone vault, and Perry says he didn't realize there was a door. He asks Giles if they should open it, and Giles says no, hold off until he can find out more information about what might be inside.

Later, the curator's alone and hears voices. He moves closer to the vault for further inspection, and is grabbed by vampy Drusilla. She bites his neck, drains him, and suddenly the Sunnydale Museum has an opening for a new curator. Hey, maybe I should apply!

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