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Debut -- Killed By Death (Season 2)

Death Shown Same Episode -- Death shown in Flashbacks

Celia was Buffy's cousin, and the two of them were very close when they were little. They used to play games where Buffy was a superhero -- Power Girl, I think -- who'd save Celia. Some kind of destiny thing, eh?

But Buffy couldn't save Celia from whatever it was that killed her when she was in the hospital. She watched in horror as something invisible seemed to attack her cousin, and that's why Buffy hates hospitals to this day.

We later learn that Celia was most probably a victim of Der Kinderstod, who is seen only by children who are ill. Buffy is now able to avenge Celia's death by killing Der Kinderstod. Because we've seen Celia, we can get some insight into Buffy's character, which is always a pretty good thing.

Coach Carl Marin:

Debut -- Go Fish (Season 2)

Died Same Episode

Coachy's an odd fish. Sure, he's got the spiked white hair which might make you think of a with-it grandpa type, but Coachy's got an agenda: He wants his boys to be the best. He takes high school enthusiasm to a newer, scarier level.

Basically, Coach wants to make the swim team number 1, so he's put some kind of steroids that contain fish DNA -- that's deoxyribonucleic acid, don'tcha know. See? Learnin' at the, yeah. -- into the steam room. One by one, his boys begin turning into big old monsterfish.

Coach Marin's crazy, y'see, and he's responsible for the death of Nurse Greenliegh; he lets his fish-boys make a meal of her. He also uses a gun to force Buffy into the sewers, so his boys can satisfy their other earthly desires. Yuck.

How's it end for Coach? Buffy's pulled out of the pit by Xander, and she then trips Coach so he falls into the sewer. She loses her grip when she tries to save him, and his boys pretty much take care of him, if you know what I mean....Yuck again.

Most Insane Line:

Coach Marin: "You quitter!" -- upon forcing Nurse Greenliegh into the sewer, after she's tried to convince him to stop using the DNA mix on the boys.

The Coach's All-Star Fish Team:

  • Cameron Walker
  • Gage Petronzi

Candy Gorch:

Debut -- Homecoming (Season 3)

Died Same Episode

A bunch of these female vamps look alike...that's what I thought when I first saw Candy Gorch, the newlywed wife of Lyle Gorch. Anyhoo, Candy's got a thick accent, and a bad sense of style. For that alone, Buffy woulda had reason to stake her....She wears a hot pink feather boa thing and purple pants that are sort of reminiscent of bell bottoms. (In fact, her dress is so awful that while I'm mentioning it, I'm not going to create a separate Vamp Dress Comparison section for her.) Besides which, you can just take a gander at the pic of her with her betrothed.

Anyhoo, Candy and Lyle have just come back from their honeymoon to participate in Mr. Trick's SlayerFest '98. I should have mentioned this on Lyle's page, that they were the only 2 smart folks who had brains enough to go to the Sunnydale High Library, where Buffy was bound to show up...but I didn't. Anyhoo, Candy's telling Lyle that she's going to kill Buffy for causing the death of Lyle's brother Tector. While her intentions are good -- I think? -- she doesn't get the chance to make good on her vow. Buffy and Candy fight for a bit, and Candy knocks Buffy over into some plant thing and she's out on the floor. But Buffy's already sent a spatula into Although to me it looked like the spatula handle wasn't wooden, but what do I know anyway?

If nothing else, at least Candy had the chance to marry and have a nice honeymoon...and admit it, isn't it nice to know that marriage vows really do mean something? Even if it's just till undead death do us part?

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