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Richard Ramirez...The Night Stalker
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CNN: The Night Stalker's Wife (7/28/97) streaming interview
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The Other Side of The Wall
GOD by X-8.....
Philip Carlo's Webpage: His thoughts on Ramirez, Richard's photos from his private collection, including pic of Carlo with RR
Astrological Chart of Richard Ramirez
The Voice of Richard Ramirez (from the trial)
Richard's Brain...One theory
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Death Row Groupies
Inside Death Row at San Quentin
'Night Stalker' Richard Ramirez dies

This site is dedicated to providing information on Richard Ramirez and the Night Stalker case. We are saddened to learn that Richard passed away of natural causes on Friday morning,06/07/13 at Marin General Hospital near San Quentin Prison. Condolences to his wife, family and many friends.

Interview (done in 1994)
Richard's Art
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"I'm going as a serial killer. They look just like anyone else." Wednesday Addams

Just had to add this: If you think serial killers are scary, check out the nutcases on the World of Bold and Beautiful message board! Some of the posters make the most rabid RR groupie appear totally sane.

"Danny Rolling? He looks like a nerd."

"You had a pet bird? They die real easy..."

"...He used to have other prisoners write his letters for him. Said he didn't have time to do 'em all. That's why the handwriting is so different on some of them."(10/95)

"Thanx for the S. Clemons article. Can you believe that *^&$?"

"I don't encourage her or anyone else to go to the media.

"They do it on their own & I don't appreciate it." (5/18/97)

"Gotta stop licking my stamps. Leaving DNA all over the place"

"I don't want ANY women on talk shows. The shows are stupid and most of the women are too!...I think all this serial killer art for sale is B.S. I don't think theres that many buyers out there and most of the sellers seem to be corrupt anyway.".(11/18/95)

"Did you hear Gerald Shaeffer got stabbed to death in FL prison over the holidays? Merry Xmas Gerald.ha." (3/7/96)

"What's this I hear about you having dolls of me and all the girls? You doing voodoo? I wish you wouldn't! So dismantle yr arrangement please, ok? Write soon. Yr friend (little heart inserted)."

A Poem sent from Richard. Did he write it? Who knows! (3/22/96)

On Feb. 28th. 1960 the NIGHTSTALKER was born

and on to everyone he did scorn

Hated by many. Feared by most

Always a guest. Never a host

Drugs running through veins

Forced entry-shooting brains.

Alive at night under the stars

A steady diet of pop and candy bars

Invading house with no use of a key

Jamming to the tunes of AC/DC

To a lot of people he is scary

Drinking rum in the cemetery

A heart throb to all the girls

He'll &*^) you then steal your pearls

The NIGHTSTALKERS reign of terror

Ends in a street chase

And from that point on America

Will always remember Evils face

Now the NIGHTSTALKER waits in his cell

Waits for death and waits for Hell