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February 2010

Nosaj Thing, Los Angeles, February 2010, photo
Laundromat, Melrose And Vine, Hollywood, February 2010, photo
Showroom Cinema, Sheffield, England, photo
Bullets, photo
Andy Serkis, actor, Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll

January 2010

Sentimentalk Walk, Vladimir Cosma, from the film Diva, 1981
Great Smog Of 1952, photo, London
Tripe, pig intestines, food delicacy
Jesca Hoop, live , KCRW, 2008
Los Angeles storm, skyline, January 17, 2010, AP photo
Sheffield, England, shopping district
Blue Agave, plant, basic ingredient in tequila

October 2009

Fever Ray, Keep The Streets Empty For Me, live, Los Angeles, October 2009, video

August 2009

The Horrors, Sea Within A Sea, music video, London, 2009
Klagenfurt, Austria, town square, photo
Elmore James, It Hurts Me Too, early American blues, audio
Hope, British Columbia, Canada, photo
PTVP, Utro, Russian punk, live, St. Petersburg, CCCP

July 2009

Bat For Lashes, Glass, London, audio, 2009
The Kalameh, rapper, protest video, Iran, 2009
The Muffs, Oh Nina, music video, Los Angeles
Sarah Palin, former US politician and moose killer, photo

June 2009

Arabian Knights, Siouxsie And The Banshees, audio, 1981
Milky Way Galaxy, view from Death Valley, California, photo
Sabrina Belladonna, fetish artist and breast cancer survivor, Los Angeles, passed, June 2009
Skopje, river, Macedonia

May 2009

The Good The Bad, 001 (The Bad), video, Denmark, 2007
John Lydon, butter commercial, UK, 2008
Bison, South Dakota, USA, roadsign

March 2009

E, T.Raumschmiere, music video, Berlin, 2008
Sierra Swan, Copper Red, music video, Los Angeles
Richard Ramirez, (The Nightstalker), Los Angeles, serial killer, documentary [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5]

February 2009

Little Boots, Stuck On Repeat, audio/video smashup, footage by Anton Corbijn
Love, human heart, video
Ocean, ambient video

January 2009

Wings Of Desire, Wim Wenders, German trailer, 1987
Massive, X8, London, November 2008

December 2008

Killing Joke, Love Like Blood, music video, 1987
Barack Obama, college, Time Magazine

November 2008

Leo's (Leopold Cafe And Bar), attacked, Mumbai, India, November 2008

October 2008

Billings, Montana, live cam

September 2008

Spain River

August 2008

Susanna Kallur, hurdler, Sweden, 2008

July 2008

Madonna In Malawi, Tillamook Cheddar, (dog), 2007
Ruslana Korshunova, model, committed suicide, June 28, 2008, NYC
Casa Casuarina, Miami, home where designer Versace was killed
M-80 Brand Firecracker, package design
Ekaterina Ivanova, art model for Ron Wood, Rolling Stones, 2008

June 2008

Mountain Of Eye Balls, photograph, unknown information
Gun Wheel, sculpture, artist unknown
Cashew, Brazilian seed, illustration, Koehler 1887
Dust Devils, Mars, photo animation, Mars Rover, 2005, NASA
Studio Saal 1, recording studio, Berlin

May 2008

Phoenix, Mars, first pictures, May 25, 2008, NASA
Josef Fritzl, Sex incest dungeon story, Austria [News Wire]

April 2008

Anchorage, Alaska, live cam
Sousaphone, musical instrument

March 2008

Kaleidescope maker, interactive web toy, Zeframe
Rollercoaster Massacre, video game abuse, captured replay

February 2008

Jesca Hoop, Money, music video, Richard Borge, Los Angeles, 2008 [storyboard]
The Nymphs, Sad And Damned, music video, Los Angeles, 1991

January 2008

Lilith, seducer of Adam and wife of Satan, mythology [Wiki article]
Rock, Mike Gravel, US Presidential candidate, dada campaign ad, 2007, video
Wasp Eye, science photo
Psycho, (with X-8 tattoo), Mara gang member, Guatemala, 2007

December 2007

German Historical Museum, Berlin, live cam
David Bowie, Sense Of Doubt, Berlin, music video, 1977
Crocodile with Zookeeper's Hand, Kaohsiung Zoo, Taiwan, Frank Lin, April 2007
Baby Octopus, cut up and served live, Korea, video

November 2007

Live At The Masque, book cover
Slide Owns Kid Twice, home video

October 2007

Future World, earth in 250 million years, map, NASA
Priests Giving The Hitler Salute, Catholic Youth rally, Berlin-Neukolln Stadium, August 1933
Human placenta, medical photograph
Michael Alig, Club Kid king, currently serving time for manslaughter
Dopamine, pleasure hormone, molecular structure

September 2007

Die Meistersinger, Wagner, Germany, 1942, video

August 2007

Amy Winehouse with husband Blake Fielder, post-fight, August 2007
CBGB, interior, New York, 2007
Psideralica, This Is My Life, Austria, music video

July 2007

Meat Processing Plant, scene from Our Daily Bread, Nikolaus Geyrhalter, video [graphic]
Bat Skeleton, large science photo
Mojave desert, photo
Jesca Hoop, musical artist

June 2007

Message to Aliens, Voyager Spacecraft, NASA
Tornado and Lightning, science photo

May 2007

Sunset On Mars, Mars Explorer, NASA, 2005
Tornado, Oklahoma, May 2007, Reed Timmer and Joel Taylor, video
Pills, science photograph
Chateau Bovila, red wine, France
Isabella Cruise, 14, daughter of Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise, May 2007

April 2007

Sparkling Circle of Heavenly Hosts, Dore, 1871
Earthrise, from Moon, Apollo 8, NASA, 1968
Seoul, South Korea, Arrakeen, photographer
Cho Seung-Hui, mass murderer, obsessed with "Shine" by Collective Soul, audio [related news article]

March 2007

Times Square, NYC, live streaming video, Earthcam

February 2007

Fly, science photo, Andre Karwath, 2005
B-2 Bomber, bombing mission, US Military
Rat dissection, science lab photo

January 2007

Frankenstein, Boris Karloff, 1931
Ku Klux Klan, Hood and Robe, artifact, USA
Execution, Saddam Hussein, December 2006, video, Google, [Warning: Graphic]

December 2006

Human Skull, X-Ray, science photo
Raptor Nest with Embryo Eggs, fossil, China
Two Figures, Francis Bacon, self taught artist, 1953
United Flight 175, crashing into WTC, video, 9/11/01

November 2006

Moon, large photograph, NASA
Richard Hell and the Voidoids, New York, 1977
Cemetary of the Capuchins, skull altar, Rome
Stillborn Male Fetus, X-Ray, science photo
Narvik, Northern Norway, live cam

October 2006

Lucifer, King of Hell, Gustave Dore
CBGB, closing night, October 15, 2006, Byran Bedder, Getty Images
Pee Wee Martini, world's ugliest dog, runner up, Kristin Maszkiewicz, Philadelphia, 2006

September 2006

World Trade Center disaster, September 11, 2001
Ramses, Egypt
Maldives, Indian Ocean
Orion Nebula, science photograph, Iowa
Stingray, nature photo

August 2006

Pete Ham, singer, Badfinger, (died of suicide, 1975)
Russian aircraft, Eastern Ukraine, August 2006
John Mark Karr, 2006
Mega Bugs, John Lydon, Discovery science series, DVD, UK only

July 2006

Lightning with Rainbow, Fort Smith, Arkansas, 2006
Mia Farrow, Rosemary's Baby, Roman Polanski, 1969
Amanda Jones, industrial-gothic DJ, Los Angeles
Rare Mother Of Pearl clouds, Anarctica, 2006

June 2006

English Flag, Wayne Rooney, World Cup ad
#14, Boris Hoppek, Helium Cowboy Gallery, Hamburg, Germany
Sierra Swan, singer, 2006

May 2006

Untitled, Erick Swenson, mixed media, Saatchi Gallery

April 2006

Sina Hubner, singer. Pzychobitch, Germany, 2006
Airplane Trinkets, solid gold, South America, 800 AD
Oslo Norway, night

March 2006

Keira Knightley, Academy Awards, March 2006, Steve Granitz
Kiwi Hirsuta, newly discovered shellfish, Pacific Antartic Ridge

February 2006

Olympic Stadium, Turin, Italy, live cam
Dove, wallclimbers, Olympic Opening Ceremony, Turin, Italy, 2006
Coney Island, 1890, Joshua Beal, photographer

January 2006

Glass Armonica, musical instrument, Ben Franklin, inventor [interactive site]
Priest, photograph, Chad Michael Ward, 2005
Artic Passage, graphic

December 2005

Modern Sleep II, Gottfried Helnwein, Los Angeles, 2003
Aurora, Jeffrey Hapeman, Wisconsin, 2003
Darby Crash, singer, the germs, 1977

November 2005

Sam, World's Ugliest Dog, 3 time champion
Hops, plant, ingredient in beer

October 2005

Underwater Nuclear Bomb Test, US Military, Pacific Ocean, 1958
Rammstein, Rosenrot, album cover, 2005
Limbo, detail, Odd Nerdrum, 2005
Sky Chase, Manuel Presti, 2005, BBC
Boney Fish, Dee Dee Ramone, 2001

September 2005

Solar Flare, Sun, science photo
Mindy McCready, country singer, 2005 [More Info]
Osiris, God of the Underworld, statue, Ancient Egypt

August 2005

Airline Disaster, PSA, San Diego, 1978
Milky Way, earth's galaxy, illustration, University of Wisconsin, 2005

July 2005

Challenger Disaster, space shuttle, NASA, 1986
Gazebo Swing, Tantra Bensko, San Francisco, 2003
Parade, X-8, Seattle, 2005
Pangea, early earth, map

June 2005

Elephant Brain, science photo
Agnatha, deep sea fish, teeth, Claude Renaud, Canada

May 2005

Burnt, gothic photography, Norway
Salma Hayek, actress

April 2005

Romania live streaming cams, myx.net, Romania
Rose McGowan, actress
Pope Benedict XVI, Joseph Ratzinger, Hitler Youth photo, 1943

March 2005

Hunter Thompson, author, committed suicide, 2005

February 2005

kaRIN, Collide live, razorblade dress, Terri King, designer
Seconal, drug, molecular structure
Nirvana, rare publicity photo
Beer Bottle Coffin, Ghana, BBC, 2005

January 2005

Johnny Ramone, grave, Hollywood Forever Cemetary, Wayne Toth, artist, photos X-8 [2] [3] [4]
Sumatra, map
Waterspout, Palos Verdes, AP Photo, Afshin Rahmanou, 2005
Black, Nadya Lev, photographer, Philadelphia

December 2004

MOAB Bomb, 21,000 pound bomb, US Military
Richard Ramirez, serial killer, painting, X-8, 1988
Great White Shark, AP photo, Chris Fallows, 2004
Rocket Ride, Disneyland, photo, Mike Carano

November 2004

Possessed, film still from The Exorcist, 1973
Lava flow, science photograph
Rock Python eating Antelope, nature photo
Message to Aliens, Voyager Spacecraft, NASA
Greenwich Village, New York City, live cam

October 2004

Mount St. Helens, Washington, live cam
kaRIN and Statik, Collide, 2004
SR-71 Blackbird, retired jet, US Military
Rammstein, Reise, Reise, album cover, 2004
Morticia, Carolyn Jones, The Addams Family, 1964

September 2004

Pentagon Attack, September 11 2001, simulation
Bjork, Medulla, album cover, 2004
Undersea, Abaco Island, Bahamas

August 2004

The Scream, Edvard Munch, 1893; stolen 2004
Robbery of The Scream, Oslo, August 22, 2004
Goddess of Fertility, performer, Olympic games, Athens, 2004
Saturn with Moons, photo, NASA

July 2004

Iceberg, science photo
Horseshoe Crab, science photo
Virgin, Joseph Beuys, 1979

June 2004

Recognition, painting, Ray Donley, 2003
Marijuana Field, Spain

May 2004

Actiq, opiate lollipop, US
Iraqi prisoner wired for electrocution, US Military, Iraq, 2003
Eisbrecher, Germany, 2004
Hydra, science photo

April 2004

Kiss 2, X-Ray art, Wim Delvoye, 2000
Cicada, insect emerging after 17 year absence, May 2004, USA
Strange Landscape, Mars Global Surveyor, NASA [More info]

March 2004

Japanese Dancing Robots, Japan [Windows Media Video]

February 2004

Mars Soil, animated sequence, Spirit Rover, NASA, 2004
Deep Fried Cow Brain Sandwich, Hilltop Inn, Evansville, Indiana
"Ginger", unearthed mummy, Ancient Egypt

January 2004

Mars landscape, large composite, Spirit Rover, NASA, 2004

November 2003

Corona Of Solar Eclipse, Till Credner, Altroff France, 1999
Gas mask for small child, safety device

October 2003

Halloween, Reversed Head, The Exorcist, film still, 1973
Youth Sniffing Paint Thinner, Baghdad, BBC, 2003

September 2003

"Satanic Artwork" in Laci Peterson case, Sniff, Albany California

August 2003

Sappho, first to add lyrics to music, Greece, 600 B.C.
First Volkswagen Sketch, Adolph Hitler, 1932, discontinued 2003
The Tree Of Embryonic Development, theoretical drawing

July 2003

Saturn Devouring His Children, Francisco Goya, 1823

June 2003

Lightning Hits Tree, Virginia
Trepanation Device, (ancient brain surgery)
Skulls, Cambodia, videostill, from Baraka, 2001

May 2003

Venus Fly Trap, meat-eating plant, nature photo
Bar (CBGB's), X-8, photographer, 2003
Fashion Model with SARS mask, Dorian Ho, designer, Hong Kong

April 2003

Karbala, Iraq, satellite photo
Sapporo Japan, live cam

March 2003

Bullet Through Apple, high speed photograph
Barley Field, ingredient in beer, Douglas Herr, photographer
Sea Dragon, sea creature, Stuart Hutchinson
Asia Argento, Italian actress
Bloodstain, found using luminol, science photo

February 2003

Kiddie Park, Coney Island, NY

January 2003

Panther, front skull, science photo
Sierra Swan, singer, Los Angeles
Eating People, performance art with fetus, Zhu Yu, China, 2000

December 2002

Peyote, botany photo
Nightclub/Bar, 107th floor, World Trade Center, 2001

November 2002

Bats Of Bracken Cave, Texas, Becky Ramotowski, photograph
Disneyland Memorial Orgy, 1967, Wally Wood, from Illegal Art exhibit, NYC

October 2002

Cigarette, Tudor Hulubei, photographer
Flipside #3, punk fanzine, cover designed by X-8, 1977
SR-71 Blackbird, US Military

September 2002

Opium Pod, botany photo
Charles Manson with a Black Queen, prison photograph, 1999
Regina Kahl, priestess, Gnostic Church, 1940

August 2002

Dog, Vietnamese cuisine, photo by Gerard Torres, Vietnam, 2002
Burning Man 3-D photo, (red/blue glasses needed), Harold Baize, 1996
Skyline, Auckland, New Zealand, Terry Butler, photo
Pentagram, diagram

July 2002

Red Blood Cells, science photo
Mother and Child, dead cows, Damien Hirst, 1993

June 2002

Mohawk Nuclear Bomb, US Government, 1954
Dee Dee Ramone, the Ramones, 1977
Nicole, gothic girl, Sebastian, photographer, 2002
#67, fractal art, Scott Draves, 2001

May 2002

Man with Phallocrypt, native Indonesia

April 2002

Christopher Walken, early publicity photo

March 2002

Human Sperm, science photo
Lion Skull, photo

February 2002

Bat Skeleton, UC Berkeley Museum of Paleontology
Gypsy Moth head, science photograph

January 2002

Deep Sea Squid, new species, 25 feet long, discovered 2001

December 2001

Opium Den in Laos, Dick Swanson, photographer, 1997
Tora Bora military complex, Afghanistan, built by CIA, satellite image

November 2001

Ebola Virus, science photo
Suicide, Andy Warhol, silkscreen on canvas, 1963
Cannibalistic Satan, version of Dante's Inferno, 14th century
Map of Oman, graphic

October 2001

The Desecration of Virgin Mary, prop, The Exorcist, film still, 1973
Shiva, X-8, animation, 2001

September 2001

Sparkling Circle of Heavenly Hosts, Dore, 1871
kaRIN, singer of Collide, 2001
The Rape Of Bigarschol, David Bowie, painting, 1996

August 2001

Mutter, Rammstein, album cover, 2001

April 2001

Flowers, painting, Adolf Hitler, early 1930's

February 2001

Amanda Jones, industrial-gothic DJ, Los Angeles

December 2000

Burn, Survival Research Laboratories, 1995

November 2000

Ramones, 1976 album cover, Roberta Bayley, photographer

September 2000

Chasing The Ghost, Collide, album design, 2000

June 2000

The Alchemist, David Teniers, 1645
The Violent in the Rain of Fire, Gustave Dore, 1861

May 2000

Farm Hooks for Pigs and Cows, American photograph

April 2000

Moth, David McKean, photographer, 2000
Aurora Borealis, Jan Curtis, photographer, 2000

March 2000

Cafe Aubette, dadaist cafe, France, 1928

February 2000

Dog Portrait, early drawing, Adolf Hitler, 1930's

January 2000

Devil's Postpile, natural rock formation, California

November 1999

Ant, science photograph
Monolith, Gustav Vigeland, Norway, 1943

August 1999

Putricia DeKay, gothic girl, fire performance

April 1999

Yes Yes, Charles Bukowski, drawing

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