M'Lila was only in one episode, "Destiny" season 2, episode 12. M'Lila is played by Ebonie Smith.

M'Lila is probally one of the most important people in Xena's history. M'Lila was a stow-away on Xena's ship 10 years ago. Xena was a pirate then, she went around to Amphipolis's enimes and destroyed their villages. She wasn't exactly evil yet. But she was a pretty mean person. M'Lila had stowed away on Xena's ship. When Xena found out, there was a spetacular fight. M'Lila is an excellant fighter. We see many moves that the present day Xena now uses. M"lila is also "the inventor" of the various pinches Xena uses. In fact, during the fight, she uses the neck pinch to kill an opponet, and does a pinh on Xena's leg. Xena was transfixed, while watching M"Lila fight. Eventually Xena subded her. She promised to spare M'Lila's life if She taught Xena some things. Unfortantly, M"Lila spoke Gaelic.

But so did a prisoner of Xena's abord the ship. Caesar, Julius Caesar. He translated it, and M"Lila agreed. Once she was taken below, Xena and Caesar had a conversation which reveals the only part we know of M"Lila's past. If Caesar was correct. But I believe he was this time. Their dialog is posted here:

Caesar: “She speaks Gaelic--but she’s clearly from the land of the Pharaoh--probably abducted as a child by raiders from Western Gaul.”

Xena: “Western Gaul, huh? Why do you say that?”

Caesar: “Gaul is divided into three parts. Each area speaks its own different dialect. One day I’ll conquer all three provinces.”

So we know she is a slave from Gual, who was taken from her native land of Egypt. When Xena is getting M"Lila to teach her the neck pinch, M'Lila has a little fun. Xena insisted that M'Lila show her the pinch on her (Xena's) own neck. So, M'Lila does, but doesn't take it off. We think she will let Xena die, but at the last second or so, M'Lila does take it off. Then Xena does the exact same thing to her. Instant friends.

After Caesar is ransomed, and Xena spots his ship on the horizen, M'Lila knows that Caesar is evil. When Xena anounces that she will meet with the other boat, Caesar's boat, M'Lila shakes her head in warning. Xena ignores it. And M'Lila goes into hiding while the rest of the crew, including Xena is captured by Caesar. After Caesar crucifies her, and the rest of the crew, and breaks their legs, M'Lila comes back for Xena. She rescues her, and takes her to a healer. While being healed, Caesar's men come for Xena. They all fight, and are holding the romans off, when one of them points an crossbow at Xena, and fires. M'Lila jumps in front of Xena, and is hit by the arrow. She dies. Xena transforms into a completly evil person after seeing M'Lila die.

After the present day Xena dies, she is met by M'Lila, who tells her that she can now fight evil.


The pattern on M'Lila's shirt is the same pattern as Xena's breast plate Xena wears.

Destiny was going to be called "Why and Where", its not that intresting, but I never knew that, I and thought it was neat

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